James O’Keefe hidden camera catches State Dept. employee bragging about serving the ‘resistance’ at work

By —— Bio and Archives--September 18, 2018

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James O'Keefe hidden camera catches State Dept. employee bragging about serving the 'resistance'
James O’Keefe hidden camera catches State Dept. employee bragging about serving the ‘resistance’ at work

When James O’Keefe connects, he really connects. And boy did he connect with this one.


Usually when O’Keefe exposes the sins of the left with his hidden cameras, the legacy media scream that his tactics are unethical and dishonest. There’s no doubt in my mind that they tricked this guy into admitting the things he admitted.

But that’s not really why the left and their media friends have a problem with O’Keefe doing stuff like this. The real reason is that they don’t want shenanigans like this reported precisely because they think guys like this are heroes. Also, Stuart Karaffa’s admissions here confirm everything Donald Trump’s been saying about the Deep State – that it’s a vast administrative bureaucracy serving nothing but its own interests, and that it uses its breadth and depth to intentionally thwart the agenda of the duly elected president.

But it’s worse than that. Karaffa is also an activist within Democratic Socialists of America, and he readily admits that he spends his work time basically working for DSA – finding clever ways to cover his tracks, although he’s not really too worried about it at any rate because “it’s impossible to fire federal employees” so he misuses the time he spends on the taxpayers’ dime with little fear of consequence.


The most interesting question in my mind is how the interviewer convinced Karaffa it would be safe to sit there and admit all this. I wonder who they had him believing he was really talking to.

Having said that, now that this is out, will anything happen to this guy? My guess is the worst he’ll face is closer scrutiny of his performance at work. If the State Department tries to fire him for the things he admitted here, the federal employee union will rush to his defense on the grounds that he was ambushed. None of that changes the reality of what this guy has been doing at work, nor does it change the fact that there are clearly thousands more just like him. But he will get away with it and keep his job.

And the mainstream media will continue not to care that this sort of thing is going on, because they want President Trump’s agenda thwarted and they’re thrilled that people like Stuart Karaffa are doing that instead of their actual jobs.


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