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Joe Biden - The Democrats’ young, fresh, face for 2020?

By —— Bio and Archives--November 13, 2017

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Joe Biden - The Democrats' young, fresh, face for 2020?
After their 2016 failure, you’d think the Democrats would be wary of worn-out, over-exposed, elderly retread candidates. After all, the fact that Hillary was a known quantity for a long, long, time did nothing to help her candidacy.  For a party that seems desperate to attract millennials, a throwback with a metric ton of baggage was a disastrous choice.

That fresh-faced optimist may be none other than ...Joe Biden

So, now, they’re obviously going shake off the dust and cobwebs by selecting someone young, hip, and cool to rig the primaries for, right?  Of course they are.

That fresh-faced optimist may be none other than ...Joe Biden.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Uncle Joe, who previously voiced regrets about not running in 2016, is refusing to close the door on a 2020 bid.

Over on the Megyn Kelly show, “Middle Class Joe” ran through his aw-shucks everyman shtick and clearly the crowd ate it up…


“Middle Class Joe” ran through his aw-shucks everyman shtick

OK, fine.  Joe is selling a book, he’s probably looking to generate publicity, and he seems to enjoy being in front of the camera.  That much is clear.  But it also seems apparent that he feels like he was burned by the 2016 election.  One suspects that somebody sat him down and told him it was Hillary’s turn and he’d better step aside.  Couple that with his very real personal losses, and you can see how he might not have been interested in a political knife fight against his own party.

Now, however, things are a bit different. The Democrats are desperate to find anyone who can connect with the white, middle class, voters they despise - and Biden has shown himself capable of doing so.

Still, they’re being openly mocked for their reliance on out-of-touch geriatrics.  Even Saturday Night Live is trashing them for it:

Should Joe Biden run in 2020, he would be 77 years old.  That would make him America’s oldest President by a substantial margin. He would, of course, also be a white guy with a long history of “wandering hands.”



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