That's your political class, America. That's your swamp. You sent Donald Trump to drain it. I hope the swamp creatures haven't succeeded in making you forget why. Maybe Dimon's wonderful rant is a useful reminder.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s rant about Washington D.C. is beautiful

By —— Bio and Archives--July 17, 2017

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He’s not really talking about “bickering” or “partisanship” or most of the other things you usually hear people complain about where Washington is concerned, although those are side effect that I’m sure Dimon would say don’t help matters. He’s talking more fundamentally about the utter unseriousness of the Beltway and the things those in it put their focus on.

That’s what happens when you elect a Congress filled with political/ideological performance artists give little thought to the actual needs of the nation. They obsess over narrative, optics and whatever else. They don’t care if a set of ideas solves problems. They care whether they can sell it to enough of their district to keep getting re-elected and keep the campaign contributions rolling in.

So they don’t give much attention to the things Dimon knows need attention, and he’s had enough of it:

It’s long been a theme around here that our political class is a disgrace, and that includes the political media who cover them. They’ll drone on for days about someone’s clumsy misstatement or stumble into a tweetstorm, but ask them to remove the obstacles to wealth creation and capital formation, and the first thing they’ll tell you is that that doesn’t poll well. Most people don’t even understand what those things mean, because the media branch of the political class doesn’t know either and never treats it as newsworthy.

Into this ocean of nonsense, Donald Trump was elected with the support of Jamie Dimon. Trump can be crude, rude, obnoxious and self-sabotaging. But Trump wants to do all the things Dimon knows we need done, and that is more important than Trump’s personality flaws or his political naivete.

What a president like this needs is help from people who are more politically savvy and recognize that his willingness to do the right thing needs to be brought to the fore, while his inexperience and raw qualities need to be minimized so he can do the work the country needs him to do.

Instead, we have a nation’s capital obsessing over trivia while people within the administration leak like sieves to damage the president they loathe. Things that deserve peripheral attention are instead made the most important things in the world, while the priorities Dimon emphasizes here get little or no attention.

That’s your political class, America. That’s your swamp. You sent Donald Trump to drain it. I hope the swamp creatures haven’t succeeded in making you forget why. Maybe Dimon’s wonderful rant is a useful reminder.

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