Durbin is untrustworthy, sleazy, and willing to stretch, bend, or break the truth whenever it suits his needs

Just so you know, Dick Durbin has a history of lying - sometimes about off-the-record White House me

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Just so you know, Dick Durbin has a history of lying - sometimes about off-the-record White House meetings
Did Trump say the word “shithole?”  I don’t know.  I also don’t care. If he did or didn’t, we’re still about a million times better off than we would have been under President Hillary Clinton.  Would I like to see a President who was an unsullied moral paragon AND a down-in-the-trenches conservative?  Sure. Unfortunately, the GOP has worked hard to make sure that’s never an option, so I’ll take what I can get.

As long as I like the legislation he signs and his judicial appointments, I can stomach the occasional mild unpleasantry.

...And by the way, we still don’t really know if Trump really said the ‘terrifyingly offensive’ thing he supposedly said.  This kerfuffle is all based on the word of one Dick Durbin.  So, what is that word worth? 

No much.

As the Politico wrote way back in 2013, Durbin likes to tell stories about White House meetings:

The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Sen. Dick Durbin, said in a Facebook post that a House Republican leader told off President Barack Obama during a negotiation meeting, and that GOP leaders are so disrespectful it’s practically impossible to have a conversation with them.

But Wednesday afternoon, both the White House and House speaker’s office denied his claims.

“In a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you,’” Durbin wrote in a post on his Facebook page over the weekend.

Unfortunately, both Republicans AND the Obama White House were quick to point out that Durbin’s version of events was bogus.

Asked about the post in the White House daily briefing, press secretary Jay Carney said he checked with a participant of the meeting in question.

“I looked into this and spoke with somebody who was in that meeting and it did not happen,” Carney said.

House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman also said the post was not about the top House Republican.

“The speaker certainly didn’t say that and does not recall anyone else doing so,” Michael Steel said.

Boehner’s spokesperson issued the following statement:

“Sen. Durbin’s accusation is a serious one, and it appears to have been invented out of thin air.  The senator should disclose who told him this account of events, retract his reckless allegation immediately, and apologize.”

Durbin refused to back down, probably because as the saying goes: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

The fact is, Durbin likes to spread hokum when it suits his agenda.


Continued below...

Back in 2014, the Washington Post detailed his litany of lies about the glories of ObamaCare.

Durbin also lied about the facts surrounding his own daughter’s heart condition, and her insurability in relation to Obama’s “Signature law.”

Durbin lied during, and apologized for, remarks comparing U.S. troops to Nazis while attacking Gitmo.

Of course, I also detailed how he shamelessly conflated the term “chain immigration” with the horrors of slavery HERE.


That may not be a specific lie, per say, but it is a disgusting stretch designed to misrepresent reality.

The bottom line is this: Durbin is untrustworthy, sleazy, and willing to stretch, bend, or break the truth whenever it suits his needs.  I don’t particularly care if Trump said the word “shithole” but, if you do, you would do well to consider the source.

Jason Chaffetz on Senator Dick Durbin’s credibility

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