Although Justin Trudeau acts like a child, he’s 42-years-old and totally incapable of coherent thought, let alone running a country

Justin Trudeau’s aversion to the word ‘barbaric’

By —— Bio and Archives--August 26, 2014

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Justin Trudeau’s aversion to the word ‘barbaric

The words “barbarian,” “barbarism,” and “barbaric” are being used quite often these days in relation to the Islamic State’s activities. Although the beheading and slaughtering of Yazidis and Christians, including women, children and babies, did not cause too much of an outrage in political circles and the mainstream media, it took the beheading of James Foley, a freelance journalist, to get the “b” words rolling.

Even the left wing media that would never call the Islamic State terrorists, preferring the more neutral term “militants,” began using the words “barbarism” and “barbaric” after news broke of Foley’s death.

These words are used in high places. U.S. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel referred to ISIS as having a “ruthless barbaric ideology.” It’s not known if Barack Obama would described the Islamic State as barbaric because the word is one that does not normally come to people while they are on a golf course.

In light of these descriptions it is worth revisiting what Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party and possibly the next prime minister of Canada, thinks about using a term such as “barbaric.”

Back in 2011, a new citizenship guide was introduced by the evil Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. Called Discover Canada, at least one paragraph deeply offended little Justin:

“Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, honour killings, female genital mutilation and other gender-based violence.”

Well, the boy went absolutely berserk at the use of the word “barbaric,” lecturing Harper about the fact a government publication should use words that convey “responsible neutrality.”

Although those on the far left are known for their moral equivalence, unlike politicians who are unable to make clear and unequivocal statements, the “hair apparent,” said exactly what he meant. Practices such as female genital mutilation and honour killings should not be criticized even when the victims are Canadian citizens. People who commit these heinous acts (sorry, Justin), should be sympathized with because they are carrying out their own culture which is no worse than the culture of Canada or the civilized West. Mutilate away.

The boy wonder was shocked his comments created an uproar. He has no appreciation of the views of most Canadians who abhor these practices and believe, rightfully so, they have no place in Canada.

The simple fact that Trudeau spends a lot of time in mosques, pandering to Muslims including radical Islamists in order to get votes cannot excuse his extreme un-Canadian views.

Of course when Trudeau called out, he blamed getting caught in “semantic weeds”, and said yes those practices are in fact “barbaric”.

Trudeau has a bad habit of explaining his idiotic statements by making further comments that make no sense. He can use the term “barbaric” but the government of Canada cannot. This is similar to his promise to scrap the government’s legislation requiring Indian bands to publicly disclose salaries while at the same time promising a Trudeau government will repeal the law.

He doesn’t believe these acts are barbaric. He just couldn’t come up with a good reason why he objected to the term that caused the unwashed masses to be upset.

Although he acts like a child, he’s 42-years-old and totally incapable of coherent thought, let alone running a country.

But then again he is cute. And he has nice hair.

Trudeau’s dislike of the government’s use of the word “barbaric” is consistent with his worldview of terrorism. When asked by Sun News Network’s Lisa Mrazek about what is happening in the world today, he said the biggest threat to global security is “resource depletion, economic uncertainty, concerns of lack of hope for generations growing up in a world that is getting smaller and seemingly less and less fair.”

So now we know why people join terrorist groups such as the Islamic State and kill and behead among others, women, children and babies. It’s because resources are being depleted. Nothing to do with Trudeau’s beloved Islam.

Now that highly placed U.S. officials are calling these people who behead babies—because they are resource-depleted—barbaric,” we can expect the Liberals to once again ramp up their natural anti-American rhetoric the party has always been known for.

Justin could become a great leader. If only he would return to his home planet.

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