Media are desperate to diminish whatever influence Kanye has

That Kanye meeting TERRIFIED the left-wing media, and the freakout is palpable – ‘an assault on our White House!’

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Kanye meeting TERRIFIED left-wing media, the freakout is palpable--'an assault on our White House'
Yesterday, I posted a clip of a CNN panel in which Kanye West was described as a “token negro” and “what happens when negroes don’t read.” It was a grotesque display for which CNN has refused to apologize.


Incredible meltdown on MSNBC

In fact, as you’ll see, they’ve doubled down on it. It also occurred before the Trump/Kanye White House meeting.

If you want to know what Kanye said during that face to face, Dan has the run down right here. 

Suffice it to say, it was a litany of political points that conservatives have been making for years, delivered in an admittedly odd way, and it has absolutely terrified the left.

Need evidence that it has them freaked out?  Just watch the incredible meltdown on MSNBC:



Later, Kanye and Trump were described as narcissists and Kanye’s opinions were described as a “grand display of mass ignorance in the face of the downfall of Democracy.”  …So, now hyperbole here:

Folks, that’s what panic looks like.

The left has had a stranglehold on black voters for so long, that anything which could even threaten to burst that bubble scares the hell out of them. Whether or not Kanye’s love of Trump will actual put a dent in the numbers remains to be seen, but it’s clear they’re worried about it.  You simply don’t attack this hard if you’re not concerned…

Once again, Dona Lemon dipped into the racist rhetoric, describing Kanye’s appearance as a symptom of mental illness and a “minstrel show” that would embarrass his dead mother…

Kanye himself?  He seems unfazed by efforts to portray him as a lunatic or oust him from his race. He tweeted something last night that suggests he’s well aware of the play the left is running…

Look, as I’ve said before, I don’t entirely know what to make of Kanye’s political opinions.  However, I do know that – whatever they are – it’s not for other people to judge him insane because of them.  Don Lemon may pay some trifling lip service to the idea that he’s not talking about left or right, but I guarantee you he would not be attacking Kanye if he’d done precisely the same thing in support of a Democrat President.

The simple fact is that they’re afraid.  As I’ve discussed in the past, it would only take a small percentage shift in the black vote to ensure that Democrats never win another election.  They are desperate to diminish whatever influence Kanye has.


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