Leadership of the Democrat caucus is so morally bankrupt.

Kavanaugh Pick Goes All The Way Back To Evening We Found Out Judge Scalia Had Passed Away

By —— Bio and Archives--September 26, 2018

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Kavanaugh Pick Goes All The Way Back To Evening We Found Out Judge Scalia Had Passed Away
(Editor’s Note): The following gem: ‘Kavanaugh Pick Goes All The Way Back To Evening We Found Out Judge Scalia Had Passed Away’ can be found in the ‘Impact With Sam Clovis’  Newsletter, and it’s only one of many!  Clovis, who served as co-chair of Donald Trump’s Campaign in the 2016 presidential election,  and went on to be nominated by President Trump as Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education and Economics in the United States Department of Agriculture, before returning to his home in Iowa, is as close to being t’The 21st Century Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ as it gets.

Sam’s first-hand experience as a targeted enemy of the Deep State is destined to be a patriot lifeline, shared in both his Impact News Letter and in the Sunday, Sept. 30th return of his popular radio show which drew thousands of listeners before he went off to Washington.  Sam’s back with a 2-hour internet radio show on LATalkRadio.com 9/30 (3 to 5 p.m., Central Time), talking truth to power and telling it as exactly as it is.

Better update your resumes, all hidden members of the Deep State, because patriots will be sending up the rousing cheer:  “Go, Sam Clovis, Go!”


Their lust for power and domination in Washington seems to be considered a birthright by the left

The American people are currently witnessing the worst angels of the Democrat Party (and some establishment Republicans) as Brett Kavanaugh gets dragged through the sewer. This man is acknowledged by both sides of the aisle as one of the great legal minds in America. He is perhaps, as some have said, a man set apart in his generation.

Judge Kavanaugh was put on a short list as far back as the evening we found out Justice Scalia had passed away. I was on the Trump airplane when we started working on a list of premier conservative legal minds who might be best suited for the Supreme Court. He was at or near the top of the list from that moment on. He has received wide-spread bipartisan support when it comes to his legal temperament. However, as his nomination languishes in the Senate Judiciary committee, the enemies of the President and the rule of law have drawn the long knives to ensure that Brett Kavanaugh suffer as much damage as possible enroute to confirmation. Better still would be having him be withdrawn as a nominee for the court.

Right now, Senator Diane Feinstein has placed herself right in the middle of the controversary surrounding the alleged sexual assault supposedly committed by Kavanaugh.  From my own personal experience with that senator, I can tell you that she has no moral compass and would do whatever is necessary to block a Trump appointee. The closer or higher profile the nominee is, the more intense are the attacks from the Left and the media (of course, that is redundant). I ought to know—I was assailed by this machine myself.

The complete lack of decency on the part of the Democrats is damnable. Their lust for power and domination in Washington seems to be considered a birthright by the left,  and anyone or anything that appears to be a threat to those circumstances will be attacked with all weapons. And lying about a person is not off the table.

Leadership of the Democrat caucus is so morally bankrupt

I don’t know if Professor Ford is telling the truth or not—and she certainly should be heard—but the way this has played out leaves a lot of concerns about her credibility. If she is not willing to go under oath to spell out her accusations, then her credibility should certainly be questioned. If she is willing to be sworn, then she should testify at the earliest possible date.

After the past five years, my level of cynicism has grown exponentially. I don’t trust any process where the Senate is involved, especially when the leadership of the Democrat caucus is so morally bankrupt.

I trust things will work out.  Judge Kavanaugh is a good man and a great jurist. He deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We the People need him on the court. Here is hoping that the shameless Democrats can see their way to conducting themselves in a more dignified manner. On that, I am not holding my breath.



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Sam has a BS from the Academy, an MBA from Golden Gate University and a doctorate from the University of Alabama.  He served as national co-chair and chief policy advisor for the Trump for President Campaign, was a policy director during the transition period and served as the Senior White House Advisor to the US Department of Agriculture.  He currently lives in rural Iowa.

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