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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevins rips media to shreds for being misinformed, irresponsible, dishonest, dumb, etc.

By —— Bio and Archives--May 30, 2017

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Have you ever imagined that you were a public official who had just had it with the media’s nonsense? So you strode to the microphone and you just let it rip? You told them how dishonest they are. How ignorant. How ridiculous. What complete and utter embarrassments they are.

Did you ever imagine this was you? Or just wish that some public official who’d had enough would finally just let them have it?

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevins should be your new hero:

This is about so much more than ideological bias, by the way, although that’s clearly part of the story here. It’s about journalists who half the time don’t even understand the matters they’re writing about - portraying common, ordinary matters as Watergate-level scandals because they don’t know the whole story, or don’t understand the parts they do know, or just don’t care because they’re more interested in sensationalizing than they are in getting a story right.

There are several examples Bevin points to here, one of which involves their hyperventilating over the price he paid for his house. The media apparently thought that just by looking at the assessed valuation of the house, they could deduce what the “correct” purchase price should have been, and thus they covered the “story” (which was really no story at all) as if they were Woodward and Bernstein this was the script for All The President’s Men.

In another example, they thought they had a scandal because Bevin was part owner of a company that received a state tax break. But they had no idea what they were talking about. Bevin explains in painstaking detail why this tax break exists, and furthermore lets them know that if they looked into it a little they’d find that many other people they cover every day were in the same situation.

The journalists sit there in stunned silence, their mouths agape, as Bevin rips them to shreds over and over and over again, telling them that he can’t possibly take them seriously when they do their jobs the way they do.

He also convincingly makes the case that their irresponsibility discourages good people from being involved with any form of public service. Apparently the Kentucky media attacked a man who was appointed to the State Pension Board, implying that the appointment was some sort of sweetheart reward for a political favor. That appointment, Bevin explains, is hardly a reward. It’s a thankless job that only a truly dedicated person would want to take on. And why would you take it on when, despite your public-minded willingness to do it, the idiot media are going to attack you as if you’re doing something wrong?

Bevin was only dealing with Kentucky here, but who hasn’t seen this in their own backyard, let alone in Washington? The news media are totally out of control, and that’s not primarily about their liberal bias. It’s because they misrepresent the significance of things, because they slander the motives of people who are doing something wrong, and because they often don’t even understand the things they’re saying.

It’s about time someone read them the riot act like this. I hope others are inspired to do the same. Maybe the leaders of the media industry might finally do some self-reflection and consider what they could change to earn back some of the respect they’ve lost.


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