Makes me wonder about Barack Hussein Obama's "peaceful actions."

Keystone XL Is On the Cusp of Energizing America and Daring Obama's Veto

By —— Bio and Archives--November 15, 2014

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Keystone XL Is On the Cusp of Energizing America and Daring Obama's Veto

Two hundred twenty one Republicans and 31 Democrats in the U. S. House voted on Friday, November 14, 2014, to approve the overly debated Keystone oil pipeline to be constructed from our Canadian friends to the north to the eagerly awaiting refineries in the southwestern area of the United States.


It was sent to the Senate where a struggle between conservative Republicans and Obama, with his group of anti-jobs and country conscientious objectors, will take every effort to imitate Obama’s Rev. Wright’s country condemnation of “God Damn America” to kill the much desired legislation.

The bill, if likewise approved in the frequently obstructive U. S. Senate, will bring many thousands of new jobs to our country as well as to the Canadians and could make both countries very independent of foreign countries overseas for our oil for energy needs.  If Obama rejects this measure of energy independence, his and his Party’s fortunes in 2016 will be smaller than a gnat’s eye.  The people showed they were not very happy with Obie and his shufflin’ demagogues on Nov. 4th; a veto will invite mayhem for them.

The Obama veto of such a potentially beneficial boon to both countries would also cast a dark shadow from the touchy environmentalists, who have often been chastised with the wish from large numbers of conservative and country loyalists with the saying, “May they freeze to death in the dark” alluding to their proclivities to oppose all matters involving climate control including ventilation and geographical illumination. 

FoxNews published an editorial regarding the U. S. House’s passage of the oil construction legislation on Friday, November 14, 2014, in “House votes to approve Keystone pipeline showdown looms in Senate” online, stating that “The legislation has re-emerged after Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu began championing it, in a bid to not only help the energy industry but also her struggling runoff Senate bid. In response, Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is running against Landrieu in the runoff, sponsored the House bill that was approved on Friday.”

I personally believe that the plan to reintroduce legislation had been in the works since before the November 4, 2014 elections, and I also believe Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-LA had been the one that introduced the bill for legislative discussion.  The pickup by Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu was an after election decision to bolster her credentials on the subject for the upcoming runoff election between those two candidates, neither of whom garnered the required fifty percent of the votes for the office of Senator.

FoxNews added that “the legislation nevertheless could land on Obama’s desk if the Senate passes it next week. Senate supporters said they were confident they’d have the 60 votes needed for passage.  This would force Obama to either sign it—defying his environmentalist supporters—or veto it.”

As arrogant and self-indulgent as the usurper president is, I find it difficult for him to not veto the bill regardless of any potential fallout that may occur as a result of such action.  He is very much inclined to kiss-off the doubters, as numerous as they might be, and forge ahead in his self-righteous manner, confident as he is in the power of his independence-motivated presidential powers.

But on Friday, the day of House passage while Obama was on the road in Burma, according to FoxNews he indicated that “we should not short-circuit the process of the review process.”  He also was quoted by Fox that the “the administration thinks the project should be judged on the basis of whether it accelerates climate change, and pushed back on claims that it would be a “massive jobs bill.”

There was no published information on that statement that indicated that he was going to exercise the administration’s long term foolhardiness of the “global warming”, or lately climate change nonsense, proven so by numerous gaffes by supporters and providing actual facts by many of the scientific experts of that world and the downplaying of facts furnished by other experts in the fields of economic employment.

After Friday’s vote, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said it was time for the president to listen to the American people, especially after the Republican gains in the midterm elections, and sign the bill, according to FoxNews.

Finding some backbone, Boehner felt brave enough to declare for FoxNews edification, “Thousands more Americans would be working today if President Obama had put their priorities ahead of his political interests and approved the Keystone pipeline. Instead, he continues to block the project, and the new jobs, lower costs, and increased energy security it would provide,” he said in a statement. “The president doesn’t have any more elections to win, and he has no other excuse for standing in the way. It’s time he start listening to the vast majority of Americans who support Keystone and help get more people back to work.”

For quite some time now I have been of the opinion that Obama is trying to salvage all of that oil still below the surface so it will still be there when his Islamic terrorists swarm all over the North American continent, as he is hopeful they will, and benefit from the riches it will provide to those murderous minions of the “peaceful religion” who behead humans who in their gruesome opinion don’t bow down to their inhuman beliefs. 

Makes me wonder about Barack Hussein Obama’s “peaceful actions.”


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