What is Obama doing? He is actually solidifying the Republican Party by his fingerpointing

Last Thing Dems Need out on the Campaign Trail is Obama

By —— Bio and Archives--September 11, 2018

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Last Thing Dems Need out on the Campaign Trail is Obama
We’re now seeing Precedent, not so much President, Obama on the campaign trail again. He’s no doubt troubled that his legacy may include some failure categories and justly so. There are no smiles in his public speaking efforts but there is yet some easily-detectable scorn toward his political enemies and a lot of the old scowling he has presented in the past when he wanted to appear tough. However, the side effect of what Obama is doing is certainly not want the Democrat Party as a whole should want to present to America. This side effect is more powerful than the Left is seeing and aware of, apparently, or they’d be telling Obama that he needs to concentrate more on retirement than a speaking platform.


What is Obama doing? He is actually solidifying the Republican Party by his fingerpointing.

The more he points the ugly finger at “the Republicans,” the more the Republicans are seen as THE opponent to the Democrats. This alone is going to damage the Democrats’ efforts because fewer Republican will be split on what’s happening on the political scene and a larger number of voters will show up at the polls and pull the Republican lever. These voters will be joined by many independents and some who have previously been identified as Democrats. This is NOT what the Democrats should want especially now that there are so many Democrats leaving the Democrat voting block.

Perhaps I should not mention this at all. Democrats still have time to correct the Obama speaking error. However, what Obama is doing is so humorous to me, that his agonized efforts are not only non-productive but are counter-productive, that I just had to share this view to others.

When I think of an Obama Legacy and an Obama “Pwesidential” Library, I’m left with a Yuge amount of disdain and, undoubtedly for me, almost as much the feeling that another Obama/Democrat trick is about to be played on America. The reason this leaves me happy and satisfied now, though, is remembering the utter disdain harbored by the Left/Democrats that Donald J. Trump would ever be president.

This is turning into a very interesting and engaging midterm election proposition. As long as the Right, the Republicans, remember that it’s up to them to make it a successful season for them and make sure to vote, then they also can share in the ultimate outcome and enjoy it fully and again have the last laugh.


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Mr. Lunsford is a retired DoD telecommunications engineer, linguist and world traveler now living in eastern Kentucky. Still active in radio communications, he has several books copyrighted, one of which is now in final process of publication. He is politically motivated and, as much as possible, politically active.

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