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Liberal Democrats Get Desperate and Dangerous in Days Before November Elections

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2010

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In these waning days prior to the November 02, 2010 elections, liberal Democrats are openly showing how dishonest, desperate and despicable they really are.

They have gone well past the point of being good Americans with their hate-filled attempts to win at any cost.  They are exhibiting Hate Crimes mentality resulting from the despondency of falling out of favor with the good, honest American voters.

These soon-to-be losers, are resorting to foolhardy lies trying to make their successful opponents look bad to their common constituents.  It seems as though ANY lie, provable or not, is better than trying to think of ways to fool the voters how they could do a better job.

The truth is they KNOW they can’t do a better job so they have to lie while trying to make their opponents look worse than the most horrible serial killers ever.  Calling their competition pedophiles, child molesters, thieves, embezzlers, job-killers, home-wreckers, etc., etc. with no absolute proof beyond their say-so, is just an act of frenzied recklessness spawned by sheer hopelessness for their losing positions.

As Michelle Malkin, the brilliant conservative columnist whose October 15, 2010 online article, “Public Enemy Number One: GOP Donors” points out, the liberal Democratic offensive is not about “Disclosure”, the ultimate goal. “is to intimidate conservative donors, chill political free speech and drain Republican coffers.”

These comments were made in reference to the liberal fairy tales of foreign donations attacks being made against the U. S. Chamber of Commerce by nervous and uncomfortable liberal Democrats with their potential ousting from power in Congress in the November elections, which is a certainty barring any unforeseen “REAL dirty tricks” cooked up to rig, skew or outright tamper and pad the election voting forms as the Democrats have been suspected of doing in multiples cases over the past few years assisted by their comrade thugs in ACORN or coercion from the Black Panthers with the grace and permission of our “supposed-to-be” neutral National Attorney General who dismissed charges against their bullying tactics at the polls in Philadelphia a couple of years ago.

That action was about as illegally un-American as anything I can recall ever happening.  This sort of criminal behavior on the part of both the Attorney General and the Black Panthers would never happen if we could get one thing passed that the liberal Democrats will pull out all the stops to prevent and that is simply, TERM LIMITS.  With that legislation enacted there would be no incentive short of raw power of taking over the nation.

In the Patriot Update of October 19, 2010 “Democrats activate maniacal pre-election smear machine”, by David Kupelian, details one Congressional race in Oregon where the smear is deep, and current Representative Peter DeFazio, one of Congress’ most liberal members who is also a co-founder of the House Progressive Caucus (notice the title is ‘Progressive’ not ‘liberal’ for those too ashamed to be called that latter term.). 

Well, it seems this left-winger is facing a stiff challenge from a conservative opponent for the first time in his 24-year career (and it IS a career - because we have no term limits currently.)  As Kupelian puts it, this “folksy Oregonian voted for Obamacare and partial-birth abortion,” that ugly killing of a live fetus with a scissor stab to the brain, which by the way Obama voted for when he was a U. S. Senator.

DeFazio “now brags that he opposed Obama and Pelosi on the “stimulus” Kupelian continues,  saying that DeFazio, “doesn’t disclose the reason: He voted no because the stimulus had too many tax breaks”! 

I guess the guy just can’t stand NOT having tax increases instead of tax cuts.  But there’s more of the writer’s words about this less-than-charming individual, and he goes on, “and I’m choosing my words carefully now -
DeFazio is a deceitful political hack, so desperate to hang on to his coveted congressional seat he’s occupied for 24 years that he’s willing to blatantly libel and slander his opponent with wild untruths - all crafted to scare voters just before election time.”

Doesn’t it make you wonder sometimes why seemingly normal, good citizens morph into regular human gargoyles when they fight like trapped animals to hold onto these congressional titles (and the graft, corruption and bribes that go along with them)?  For one thing, we pay them too much money already, but that apparently is mere peanuts to what they can make “on the side.”  Reason Number nine-hundred and twelve for the enactment of TERM LIMITS.

Continuing with the Kupelian article, he offers, “The DeFazio attack machine is running a series of outrageous television, print and online ads accusing Robinson (Dr. Art Robinson a Ph.D. research scientist) of being funded by Big Oil, of being in the pocket of Wall Street, of planning on shutting down the nation’s public schools, of planning the demise of the Social Security system - and even of plotting to irradiate Americans drinking water! Oh, and he’s also being called a racist - of course.”

It surprises me that DeFazio is not officially advertising for the elimination of anybody who disagrees with his political and socialist-communist form of government.

As Kupelian says, “It’s the same old miserable pre-election tactic we’re seeing all over the country right now, like in Delaware where Christine O’Donnell is being tied to witchcraft. Or in Florida where out-of-control Democratic Rep.

Alan Grayson is airing TV ads characterizing his GOP rival Daniel Webster as “Taliban Dan” by twisting Webster’s words about the Bible to say exactly the opposite of what Webster actually said. We’re seeing it everywhere because it’s the only thing any Democrat can do to get himself re-elected: Try to marginalize your opponent as a truly dangerous wacko,
since the public is so totally disgusted with you that they wouldn’t send you back to Washington under any other circumstance.”

That about says it all, and of course there is always MUCH more that can be said about people like DeFazio, who after 24 years in office have that entitlement mentality that the seat actually belongs to them and they would
do or say anything to keep it.

Is it any wonder why good, honest Americans can no longer put up with such outlandish and totally boorish behavior?  Sweeping these DeFazio’s out of office will bring a breath of fresh air and civility to our federal



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