Canadians would not have ended up with an anti-Christian, socialist government masquerading as upholders of western democratic tradition

Liberal-Socialism And The Erosion Of Christian Canada

By —— Bio and Archives--March 30, 2016

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In the world of politics, as with many situations in life, making promises often leads to unexpected results. Nowhere is this more apparent than when considering the post-election behaviour of Canada’s ruling Liberal government.

The examples are many— a pronouncement of a 10 billion dollar federal deficit, which turned out to be triple that amount.  An increase in the Syrian refugee quota from the original 25,000 to 55,000—a quantity the majority of Canadians oppose— are two of the most prominent.

In fairness, broken promises are not exclusive to our Liberal government. What is exclusive to the Liberals, however, is the extent to which they disregard public opinion. Of course, there is a good reason for this. The Canadian public—at least those of us born and raised in Canada— are all but meaningless to our ruling Liberal government.

Some may be familiar with a term popularized by ex-prime minister Stephen Harper—“old stock” Canadians. This community refers to a composite of those born upon Canadian soil— in particular, those of us who are second generation Canadian citizens, and beyond. At present, this demographic comprises approximately 80% of our total population. Little did these people know that upon the election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, they would instantly become Canada’s “silent majority.” In fact, they are so silent that after six months in office, Justin Trudeau has yet to acknowledge their existence.

Interestingly, this silent majority also happen to be Canada’s religious majority. At present, approximately 85% of our nation were raised in a secular or religious Christian household. Comprised primarily of Protestant and Catholic Canadians, this segment of society has been a religious majority since the founding of our country in 1867. 

It should, therefore, come as a surprise to discover our current government’s disregard for Christian-Canadians, as well as Christian communities of other nations. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it is equally as fascinating to note the degree of vehemence by which the Liberals support those of the Islamic faith, a community comprising less than 4% of our total population.

Over the past several years, the population of Christians in Syria has been reduced from 160,000 to approximately 40,000 people. In straight-forward terms, this religious community has been systematically murdered by Islamic militants. The situation is so extreme the U.S. government recently labelled the situation an act of genocide. The Canadian government, however, do not agree. Nor do they agree with most western governments that we are at war with ISIS.

Throughout this time period, Canada’s refugee program has been focused entirely upon Islamic refugees. In fact, the Syrian refugee crisis has been priority number one since the Liberals were elected into office. Why, one may ask, is our Liberal government exclusively focused upon the plight of Muslim refugees?

The entire spectacle is shrouded in mystery. Lacking a proper explanation from government, Canadians are left to draw their own conclusions. Why would Justin Trudeau, a person of such lofty moral standards, ignore the fate of the Syrian-Christians? Frankly speaking, if Trudeau put the same degree of elbow-grease into Christian-Canada that he directs toward Islamic-Canada, our churches would be filled to the rafters.

Of course, this will never happen. The Liberal party do not support the Christian faith, nor its various institutions upon Canadian soil. As it happens, this area of government support is reserved strictly for Islamic-Canadians.

Why? The answer is to be found in a simple word—socialism, or within a Canadian context— Liberal-Socialism. From an historical perspective, socialism has no affinity with Christian faith. The nation of China does not support it, nor does any other communist government. To state Islamic nations do not support it is to state the obvious.

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As most Canadians understand it, a key differentiator between democratic and socialist nations is whether or not a government is established by way of a voting process. What Canadians may not understand, however, is that beyond the voting process, the Liberal government of Canada is firmly rooted in socialist ideology.

In recent history, a unusual alliance has developed between Liberal-Socialism, and the nation of Islam. Although incongruous upon initial investigation, both movements have one thing in common— an all-encompassing malevolence toward the Christian religion.

Christianity is illegal in China. Under the “iron curtain’ of the former Soviet Union, it was strongly discouraged. At present, it is also discouraged by the Canadian government. No crosses allowed in government buildings. No Christian prayers allowed in government meetings. The Lord’s Prayer has been banned from Canada’s public school system. Yet, in stark contrast, Islamic prayer sessions are held weekly in many public schools throughout our nation. How strange.

Does a potential remedy exist to correct this inequity? Let us not hold our breath, for any attempt to address these matters is sure to bring out our multicultural contingent’s favourite weapon—in fact, their only weapon— an accusation of racism.

Let us get to the heart of the matter. As a result of rampant political correctness, our society is being turned inside out. Multiculturalism, a policy intended to establish social equitability among Canadians, is today little more than a vehicle to marginalize old-stock Canadians. Within contemporary Canada, it is only so-called “minorities’ who count. Ironically—as a result of decades of third world immigration— these minorities are no longer minor. At present, forty-plus ridings in Canada are, in fact, minority Caucasian.

Justin Trudeau is a prime minister with a set of priorities unique in Canadian history— foreign governments and non-Canadians first, Canadian-born citizens last. The Liberals have employed a refugee program exclusive to Muslims, while Syrian-Christians are left to be murdered at will.

Such is the spirit of Liberal-Socialism in Canada, as established by the Liberal Party of Canada. If Canadian voters had understood the true nature of the Liberal ideology previous to the last election, would they have still voted Justin Trudeau into office? If not, perhaps Canadians would not have ended up with an anti-Christian, socialist government masquerading as upholders of western democratic tradition.

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Brad Salzberg is the founder of the Cultural Action Party of Canada.

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