Liberal Threatens Violence Against Fibber the CTF Honesty Mascot

By —— Bio and Archives--September 22, 2007

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Toronto: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today is asking the Premier for an apology after a Liberal supporter reportedly threatened to break the nose of Fibber, its new Honesty in Politics Mascot. CTF Ontario Director Kevin Gaudet said, “the Premier should apologize for the threats of violence against Fibber the CTF Honesty Mascot. While he is at is he should apologize to voters for his broken promise not to raise taxes and his new health tax.”

Fibber was in Crosby, ON, attending the International Plowing Match, following the Premier, when he was surrounded by a group of the Premier’s Liberal supporters. Fibber was pushed, shoved, stepped on, and various angry comments were heard. Fibber’s 16 inch nose was not injured in the crush.

Fibber has been touring the province during the election campaign on the trail of Premier McGuinty reminding voters that Mr. McGuinty broke a key campaign promise.

On September 11, 2003, Dalton McGuinty signed the CTF’s pledge that stated, “I, Dalton McGuinty, leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario, promise, if my party is elected as the next government, that I will: Not raise taxes or implement any new taxes without the explicit consent of Ontario voters and will not run deficits. I promise to abide by the Taxpayer Protection and Balanced Budget Act.” He broke this promise by imposing the new health tax.

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Kevin Gaudet -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Kevin Gaudet, is former the Federal Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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