Ending the indoctrination of our young people, End ALL federal funding to education, Come down like a ton of bricks on the propaganda machine we call "the press"

Like a Ton of Bricks

By —— Bio and Archives--February 11, 2018

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Like a Ton of Bricks
The revelations of what the Democrats and their running dog bureaucrats in various parts of the federal government have been up to over the last couple of years are appalling, but, unfortunately, not in the least surprising. The Democrats have a long history of what they and the leftist propaganda machine, aka, the “mainstream” media, euphemistically dubbed “dirty tricks”. This is similar to them calling the mass murder at Fort Hood by an Islamist terrorist “workplace violence”.  What their so-called dirty tricks really are is political sabotage aimed at undermining our electoral process and stealing elections. Can you say, ‘Third World leftist, totalitarian, dictatorial corruption,’ boys and girls? Sure, you can.


The saddest part of all this is that many – repeat, many – patriotic Americans have been warning for decades that this was the reality. And in spite of boat loads of evidence, the leftists and the media “discredited” and marginalized them, and the public allowed themselves to be convinced that these patriots were “conspiracy nuts”, “tin foil hat wearers”, “black helicopter” wackos, who “see communists under every bed”, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Senator Joseph McCarthy was indeed tactless and blunt, but nevertheless, absolutely right. Hollyweird was, and still is, infested with hard-core leftists and their useful idiots, and so is the federal government, as the latest “scandals” have made clear.

Scandals, by the way, is another one of those leftist euphemisms. For those who attended government schools over the past 30 years, a euphemism is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as: ‘the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant.’ The Democrats and their propaganda machine have become expert in using these to describe their actions, but never when talking about conservatives or Republicans. But I digress…

What is different about what appears to have been an attempted coup d’état, from the “dirty tricks” of the past is that the success of the left in America in taking over the news media, the education system from kindergarten to graduate school, and the entertainment industry, has led them to believe their own lies, and that the majority of Americans think as they do. They are, after eight years of having a communist in the White House, now emboldened to openly attempt to subvert the Constitution and attempt to overthrow the government.

Their success in brainwashing and indoctrinating American children has become chillingly apparent with recent surveys showing that large percentages of the under-thirty-five crowd think “socialism” is just tickity-boo. This in spite of its total failure everywhere it’s been tried. Somehow, the people in Venezuela eating garbage and their pets has slipped beneath their radar. The Big Three of communist revolutionary strategists – news media, education, and entertainment –have turned much of the last two generations of young Americans into emotional, psychological, and intellectual basket cases.

Another indicator of their success is an academic “report” that claims that life-expectancy dropped for the second year in a row, due to drugs, alcohol, and suicides. The “report” clearly is leftist ideologically driven:

‘We are seeing an alarming increase in deaths from substance abuse and despair,” said Steven Woolf at Virginia Commonwealth University, a co-author of the latest report. The idea of the “American Dream” is increasingly out of reach as social mobility declines and fewer children face a better future than their parents, he said.’

They go on to claim that,

‘Americans also engage in unhealthy or risky behaviors — such as high calorie intake, drug abuse and firearm ownership — live in cities designed for cars rather than pedestrians or cyclists, have weaker social welfare supports and lack universal health insurance.’


However, they seem to contradict themselves by claiming,

‘The problem is concentrated in rural, largely white counties that have often struggled for many years with stagnant wages, unemployment, poverty and the loss of major industries that fueled local economies,” Woolf said.’

This stuff is right out of the UN’s Agenda 21, and embodies much of the heart of radical, far left ideological thinking. This piece of blatant propaganda is clearly aimed at making people think that their lifestyle in free, capitalist, constitutional America is unhealthy and dangerous, and that only the acceptance and implementation of socialism will save them. And if Hillary Clinton and her accomplices had succeeded in stealing the 2016 election…

There is hope that with Donald Trump in the presidency and constitutional conservatism making a comeback, that things can be turned around. The conspirators in the attempted coup and subsequent cover-up, ALL of them, need to be brought to justice and tried for treason. And a good start in ending the indoctrination of our young people would be to end ALL federal funding to education, from kindergartens to graduate schools. In addition, as I have suggested before, we need to clearly define what constitutes “the press” and come down like a ton of bricks on the propaganda machine that no longer fits that definition.



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