What is South Carolina thinking?

Lindsey Graham’s big week: Loves NSA spying, not sure the 1st Amendment applies to you.

By —— Bio and Archives--June 7, 2013

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OK, South Carolina, gather ‘round and let’s have a chat. You guys have got to do something about your Lindsey Graham problem. I know… You meant well. You saw that “R” after his name and figured, “what could go wrong?” So, you voted for him in 2002 and again in 2008.

If you care about the Constitution, this week should convince you never to make that mistake again.

First, we had Graham’s confession that he’s not really sure who, exactly, should be allowed to enjoy their First Amendment rights. If you write for the internet, you may not make the cut.
“Who is a journalist is a question we need to ask ourselves,” Graham said on May 29.“Is any blogger out there saying anything - do they deserve First Amendment protection? These are the issues of our times.”

This was a rehash of the exact same line of thought employed by uber-lefty Senator Dick Durbin just a couple of days prior. For the record, every American, regardless of profession, is protected by the First Amendment. Apparently, someone made that point to Graham - and must have done so loudly - because he went on Twitter to backpedal.

That’s all well and good, but the retraction took a whopping six days. How could it possibly have taken the Senator so long to figure this out? All he had to do was read the First Amendment. That takes only a few seconds, and should have been done long before he made his initial comments.

Maybe he’s just not big on the whole civil liberties “thing,” because he doesn’t seem to care much for the Fourth Amendment either. Yesterday, he appeared on various news channels, where he was positively desperate to let America know how much he loves the NSA’s domestic spying program.

Here he is on C-SPAN. Notice how he repeatedly uses the word “hell” in an effort to sound like a tough guy.

Later in the day, he appeared on Fox News, where he doubled down. He’s just so “glad” that the NSA is tracking our phones. He can barely stop talking about how proud he is!

So please, citizens of South Carolina, do your nation a favor and stop voting for this man. There’s got to be another Republican down there, maybe even a genuine conservative. You did well with Trey Gowdy. Find another candidate like him! At the very least, there has to be someone -anyone - better than Graham. Produce that person, and get them on the ballot.

Lindsey Graham is a dangerous embarrassment. It’s time for him to go.

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