“For the history, for the little gems to discover, for the fact that you can almost walk everything from a point to another – Paris, France, is a world unlike any other.”

Lose Yourself in the Streets of Paris

By —— Bio and Archives--May 29, 2018

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Lose Yourself in the Streets of Paris
“For the history, for the little gems to discover, for the fact that you can almost walk everything from a point to another – Paris, France, is a world unlike any other.” –Vanessa de Montigny, Journal de Montréal  

Streets of ParisWhether you consider Paris the city of love or the city of light, this epicentre of cultural innovation, rich history and stunning architecture will forever champion as a top bucket list destination. Paris pleases all her visitors with delectable food, award-winning wine, and whimsical culture blended with aesthetic appeal. Travelers craving a cultural experience can simply stroll through the Parisian streets and find all of their desires.


The Cafe de Flore on Boulevard Saint-Germain is not just a place for a quick coffee and treat; it is a cultural hotbed in which arousing conversation occurs as you snack on mouth-watering pastries. The Champ-Élysées is a shining, high-class shopping avenue that will help you leave looking oh-so-French-chic. Of course, you also have to visit the myriad of museums which are the pinnacle of Parisian artistic culture. Paris has attracted the attention of millions of tourists every year, but each one can say the same —Paris is a world of sensations, romance and passion at every turn.

Getting ThereParis, France, is a hotbed of cultural experience, vibrant life, and picturesque views. This makes it one of the top places for travel across the globe, and its popularity makes it incredibly easy to access. The Charles de Gaulle Airport is France’s largest international airport and welcomes millions of travellers every year. Book your flight from large international airports in the Americas, Europe, or Australia and directly venture into the city.  From the airport, grab your bags and jump into rental vehicles, the Paris Metro, or other forms of easily accessible public transport. Citizen of Australia can have direct flight from Sydney to Paris, Melbourn to Paris and Gold coast to Paris. You will find yourself lost in the beautiful streets in no time.

Lose Yourself in the Streets of Paris
Lose Yourself in the Streets of Paris


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