Totalitarian Nation….We are being molded whether you are for or against…..

Making of a Totalitarian State

By —— Bio and Archives--February 6, 2013

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This is probably one of the most contentious times in the history of the United States as the gun control issue has moved back into the national spotlight with great fervor. Whether one is for it or against it is not the issue of this writing. Thanks to the well-defended First Amendment we have the luxury of saying what we believe in. The point of this article is to do just that, to make a few points.


The Emperor in Chief would just relish in the disarming of every law abiding citizen. This is his belief in line of his notion of transforming America.  This transformation would not be for the best, I can assure you.

Countries where the citizens have turned in their weapons now regret taking that step. They realized the hard way that the only people who turned in their weapons were the ones who had legally obtained it.  The criminal element will not….I repeat not…turn in their weapons…no matter how nicely asked or how much money is offered.  With a disarmed population, it will be Saturday night at the OK corral every night. For the criminal element, it will be easy pickings. You can’t deny the statement that the police can’t be everywhere at the same time. There will be some serious losses in the civilian world…but that will all be for the security of the country…in the vision of the Emperor in Chief.

But would one want to live in a country where only the Government, the Military Forces, Homeland Security, and the Police have the guns? Think about this. I was once told those who have the guns make the rules…and he will make the rules that none of us will be able to resist or stop. If this should happen, this country will cease to exist as a democracy or republic, but will wallow along as a Police State…a totalitarian nation where there will be no more civil rights, only the way of the government. If one thinks this would not happen, the Emperor in Chief already has given himself the power to do just that. He has also threatened if he doesn’t get his way, he will write more articles of power for himself to do what he believes must be done… his executive orders have already become the law of the land.

The Emperor in Chief and his congressional cronies use the excuse that we need gun control to protect the children. But yet, his children are protected at school by armed guards. Where he would have everyone else open to attack, his kids are safe in the knowledge they have an armed detail watching out for them…as does himself,  members of congress and the oh so vocal Hollywood crowd. They all have some sort of armed detail. So while the rest of the nation goes without, the elitist hypocrites have it all.  No concern for the safety of the average person…just their own. So does one really want to live in a society that is more servant than citizen?

I cannot condone the violence that has brought this to the forefront. But looking at things from another perspective, if anything, we have been shown how vulnerable our schools are…easy targets for our enemies…easy way to make a name for one self. I live by the saying I will not leave it to the benevolence of someone else to determine if I live or die…particularly if that someone is holding a gun pointed right at me. We cannot be sheep being lead to the slaughter which is what the Emperor in Chief wants to see in order to consolidate more power for himself. As long as we have a free will to fight back with whatever means available, then we will do just that. For those states that have the Castle Doctrine, every time a home is being looked at for burglary, the bad guys have to think twice about what they may find inside. An 82 year old grandmother with a weapon is just as formidable as a bad guy with a gun…she at least has the means to protect herself and possibly inflict heavy damage on any intruder. Take away her weapon, and she is helpless and at the mercy of the intruder. And the intruder will not have mercy on their victim.

Focusing on the inanimate object that can neither break into a home, take out its owner, or threaten them with bodily harm is nothing more than ignorance…plain and simple. These items can do no harm without the person behind it. In 2010, there were 9,960 gun-related deaths. In that same period of time there were 12,426 alcohol-related deaths….a majority involving drunk driving.  So why do we not ban the automobile since it is the instrument used to commit so many deaths? Why don’t we ban alcohol as another catalyst? 

And know that once something is banned, it will be easier to ban other things. The government will make an argument for banning anything they so determine to be in the best interest of society…like the Brave New World written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932.

Be careful though…this guy is good with sleight of hand. While he has you focused on gun control and all spun up…he is going to pass his immigration platform giving 11 million illegal aliens citizenship…every one of them a violator and breaker of our laws by the mere fact they came into this country illegally.  This is another instance of this guy not adhering to our nation’s laws. They just seem to get in the way of his vision for transforming the country into a totalitarian nation where there will be no more civil rights, only the way of the government.

Totalitarian Nation….We are being molded whether you are for or against…..


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