It is critically important to slay the deficit because the money wasted on interest on the existing debt is now more than $1 billion every year.”

Manitoba government keeps increasing spending and increases taxes with a carbon tax

By -- Todd MacKay – CTF Prairie Director—— Bio and Archives--March 13, 2018

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Brian Pallister
WINNIPEG, MB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on the Manitoba government to provide genuine tax relief and actually control spending in the wake of its 2018 budget. Expenditures are up nearly $2 billion under this government and the tax burden is getting heavier due to a carbon tax.

“The last things Manitobans need right now are government spending hikes and more taxes, but that’s exactly what this budget delivers,” said Todd MacKay, the CTF’s Prairie Director.


The Manitoba government is budgeting to spend $17.4 billion this year. Over the long term, it projects spending to continue to rise to $17.9 billion in 2021-22. The last NDP budget projected $15.5 billion in spending.

Manitobans will be forced to pay a carbon tax of 5.32 cents per litre on gasoline and 6.7 cents per litre on diesel starting Sept. 1. That will cost taxpayers $143 million this fiscal year and $248 million per year after that. While the government introduced a number of positive tax cuts, such as increasing the personal income tax exemption by $1,010 each year for the next two years, the overall tax burden is going up by $117.7 million this fiscal year.

“Taxpayers are being told to pay more now while the government offers vague promises that maybe they’ll give some offsetting tax relief over the coming years,” said MacKay. “Even if this government eventually makes the carbon tax revenue neutral for their government, it will never be revenue neutral for Manitoba families.”

The deficit is projected to be $521 million – a significant reduction from last year’s projected deficit of $840 million.

“It’s good the deficit is going down and the government deserves credit for staying under budget last year,” said MacKay. “It is critically important to slay the deficit because the money wasted on interest on the existing debt is now more than $1 billion every year.”


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