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Maxine Waters: Russia's RT hacked CSPAN to block one of my speeches because they're out to get me!

By —— Bio and Archives--February 1, 2018

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Maxine Waters: Russia's RT  hacked CSPAN to block one of my speeches because they're out to get me!
Maxine Waters is…lots of fun. She loves to pander, race-bait, and display her total ignorance of a variety of issues on a regular basis.  Her incoherent ramblings have made her a staple of both left-wing media outlets and conservative websites. They have also, it seems, garnered the attention of her most powerful political enemy. 

This man is so terrified of Maxine Waters’ awesome power, that he’s decided to go on the offensive. To attack Waters, he hacked the Democrat party and even interrupted a CSPAN broadcast of her brilliant oratory.


No, we’re not talking about Donald Trump.

Maxine Waters’ number one foe is none other than ...Vladimir Putin. Yes, the eye of the red menace has fallen squarely upon Ms. Waters, but she’s so iron-willed - so bravely resolute - that she will not bow down before the Soviet Bear.

As she puts it Trump is going to fire everyone involved in the Russian investigation, he’s colluding with Russia, and needs to be impeached.  Then, and only then, will Maxine Waters be safe.

“I want to tell you they absolutely hacked our Democratic National Committee—absolutely did that!

RT, which is Russian television, absolutely interfered with a speech of mine on the floor of Congress and blocked me out for 10 minutes.

They don’t play. They mean business!”

If you want to listen to the rest of Ms. Waters’ speech, feel free. You’ll hear all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories about public housing, education, and more.  But I have a word of advice: Don’t do it.  Don’t waste one second listening to anything Maxine Waters says, unless you’re doing so in pursuit of a good laugh.

Life’s too short, your time to precious, to squander it by taking Maxine’s lunacy seriously

“You’re The Most Corrupted Politican In USA” - Tucker Carlson MOPS The Floor With Maxine Watters


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