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Maxine Waters: The DNC should give back all that filthy money donated by Harvey Weinstein

By —— Bio and Archives--October 16, 2017

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The Democrats have a Harvey Weinstein problem.  Despite screaming about the “War on Women” for the last few years, it seems that some of the country’s most prominent liberals have been enabling the ex-exec’s behavior. ...Or, if they weren’t enabling it, they were certainly willing to look the other way.

We know for a fact that’s true in Hollywood, where several prominent stars have basically admitted as much, but it’s probably also true in Washington D.C.

Weinstein is a major Democrat donor - both to the party and various politicians - and now that money is something of an albatross. It’s simply impossible to believe that in a town like D.C. (where everyone struggles to know everything about everybody,) prominent politicos were unaware what one of their biggest donors was up to. After all, it was basically an open secret over on the left coast.

If you honestly believe the Washington crew was unaware, I have some lovely swampland I’d like to sell you.

A couple of weeks ago, the DNC announced that it would be getting rid of a small fraction of its Weinstein money - by oh-so-generously donating it to groups that work to get Democrats elected. The other 90% (yes, 90%) will presumably stay in the Dems’ dwindling coffers.  None other than Maxine Waters says that’s unacceptable.

Asked what she thought the DNC should do, Waters said she wants all the money returned to Weinstein….

“Oh yeah, oh yes. They should give it back to him because of first of all, they may not have known what was going on. But the fact that they now know what was going on.

But the fact that they now know… They ought to give him the money back and make sure the word goes out that the Democratic Party does not welcome that kind of money coming into our campaigns, and dealing with our elections. It is not to be accepted by us.”

We’ll give her a few points for taking a rare, tenable, stand here, but we wonder:  How does the DNC feel about this?  Didn’t Waters get the “say as little as possible and let it all blow over” memo? 

Given their 2016 disaster and their recent fundraising woes, does the DNC even have $300,000 to return?

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