Obama's popularity doesn't seem to rub off on other Democrat politicians. Watch for a “Red Wave” in November

Me, Myself, and I--Obama's Favorite Words!

By —— Bio and Archives--September 11, 2018

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Me, Myself, and I--Obama's Favorite Words!
Have you noticed that whenever Barack Hussein Obama speaks, he uses the words “me”, “myself”, and “I” almost exclusively in trying to get his talking points across during his scripted speeches?  Well, as you can imagine, many people point out that that is the trait of a narcissist or somebody totally in love with himself and to hell with anyone else.

Yes, you could say, that most politicians are narcissists, but not to the extent of comparing him to Obama.  If you notice, Trump uses the terms “we”, “us”, and “our” much more than Obama, who thinks everything revolves around him.


Being a first-class narcissist, Obama has a tendency to take credit for things he shouldn’t take credit for.  For instance, he continually mentions the fact that he “killed” Osama bin Laden.  Yes, Osama bin Laden was killed on his watch, but it was reported that some of his underlings (like Leon Panetta) actually gave the go-ahead for the hit as Obama was out playing golf and had to called into the “Situation Room” to witness the “hit” being carried out by our courageous Navy Seals, who were the actual killers of Osama bin Laden.

Today, as Obama has crawled out of his bunker in Wash. D.C., he is politicking and fund raising for certain Democrat candidates, mainly in staunch “blue” districts around the country. Since some of the latest polls show that black voters are turning to Trump and the

Republicans in greater numbers than ever ever before, he has been recruited to regain some of that lost support before the mid-term elections.  It seems he is avoiding Democrat candidates in “red” districts as it is perceived that he would be a negative force in those districts that Trump carried in 2016.  So much for his perceived unbridled popularity among the voters.

When Obama makes speeches lately, he seems to be making obvious prickly comments against his successor, Pres. Trump.  I presume he is out attacking Trump because he realizes that Trump is unraveling his legacy, piece by piece.  That must really be gnawing at him,  Being the narcissist that he is, it looks like he can’t handle the unmaking of his legacy.  In order to boost his ego, he then takes credit for the successes of Trump which includes the roaring economy, the low unemployment figures, foreign affairs, and his claim that his administration was scandal free as compared to Trump’s administration (he seems to forget “Fast and Furious”, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Uranium One deal, the Beau Bergdahl swap, the Hillary server, Benghazi, the Iran nuclear deal, and the spying on American citizens, to name just a few).

Of course, when he is reading off a teleprompter, he can come off as a slick, polished orator, which is quite the opposite when he has to ad-lib speeches off the cuff.  I’m sure that the fact checker at the Wash. Post is lining up with his “Pinocchio’s” to be awarded to Obama after each of his speeches (or maybe not, as the Wash. Post is in the tank for Obama and the Democrats so that might inhibit any criticism).

So, to sum up, it looks like we’ll have to bear with these self-serving rants by Obama on the campaign trail from now until the mid-term elections in November.  A word to the wise, take with a grain of salt many of claims Obama will spout off about as he tries to reclaim his popularity.  Even though he won two terms as president, during his watch the Democrats lost the House, the Senate, and over 1,000 local and state elections besides a 31-19 split on the governorships in favor of the Republicans.  His popularity doesn’t seem to rub off on other Democrat politicians.  Watch for a “Red Wave” in November.


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