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Media trying pretty hard (and failing very badly) to find women who will go #MeToo on Brett Kavanaugh

By —— Bio and Archives--July 13, 2018

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Media trying pretty hard (failing very badly) to find women who will go #MeToo on Brett Kavanaugh
I really don’t know why Democrats pay good money to dirtbags like Glenn Simpson. The media are more than willing to do their oppo research for them, no charge, and they’ll play as dirty as any of the sleazeballs who have made bank working for the likes of Hillary.

Their favorite kind of target is a conservative family man who stands for virtue and shows absolutely no signs of any significant moral failings. In other words, there’s nothing they’re working harder on these days than working the phones and knocking on doors in the desperate hope they can find someone who will accuse Brett Kavanaugh of . . . something.

And given the tenor of the times, their best bet is if they can find a modern-day Anita Hill, and turn Kavanaugh into 2018’s poster boy for sexual harassment. Unfortunately for the Democrats’ oppo research apparatus, I mean the media, but I repeat myself . . . they’re doing worse than coming up empty. Not only are they finding nothing, they’re inspiring a very convincing counterattack from women who have actually worked with Kavanaugh, and have found his conduct at all times above reproach:

In 1990-1991 Mr. Kavanaugh clerked for federal Judge Alex Kozinski on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Kozinski retired in December after he was accused by several women, including a former federal judge, of harassing behavior such as groping and showing them pornography.

The McClatchy news service reported Wednesday that a left-wing outfit called Ultraviolet is circulating a six-page memo demanding that Senate Democrats investigate whether Mr. Kavanaugh knew about Mr. Kozinski’s behavior a quarter-century ago. Think of this as the claims in the Christopher Steele Russia dossier without the evidence.

The Ultraviolet sleaze-slingers have no evidence that Mr. Kavanaugh knew about Judge Kozinski’s behavior and no witnesses to anything of the sort. They merely have insinuations that in the age of social media can spread around the world before the truth can even get a hearing. We’re told that journalists from several news organizations are also trolling former Kozinski clerks to see if they can find someone who will say that Judge Kavanaugh knew something, or should have known, about Judge Kozinski’s behavior.

All of which caused the White House to issue a statement Thursday addressing the smears by ancient association that are by now circulating widely on the internet and in the press corps. “Prior to the public reports late last year [about Judge Kozinski], Judge Kavanaugh had never heard any allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment by Judge Kozinski,” White House spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said in a statement.

The White House also released a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee signed by 18 of Judge Kavanaugh’s former female clerks attesting to “our uniformly positive experiences with the Judge as a boss on issues of gender and equality in the workplace.” Amy Chua of Yale writes nearby of her rewarding experience placing law clerks with Judge Kavanaugh.

Before you say it, yeah, “politics ain’t beanbag” and all that. Congratulations for being so proud of yourselves (those of you who are) for “knowing how the game is played” or whatever. We now govern ourselves by launching baseless character assassination campaigns on perfectly fine people and then hand power to those who somehow survive the onslaught, and you think you’re a star for having made peace with this and learned how to play.

We’re all very impressed.

Don’t forget why the left is doing this. Kavanaugh is a threat to them because the only way they can get most of the policy outcomes they want is through the courts. They can’t win elections by admitting what they really want to do, and when they do win elections they do such a poor job of governing that the electorate quickly throws them out and elects people who will undo their handiwork. The left is wailing and gnashing its teeth daily because President Trump is systematically dismantling the Obama policy legacy – because that’s exactly what the voters wanted him to do.

So they need judges who will ignore the law and the limits of their own power and simply order the liberal agenda implemented, which just might work if you didn’t have a Supreme Court that still respects the Constitution and will overturn such mischief. Brett Kavanaugh is one of those Constitution-respecting judges, so he must be destroyed.

But if they’re going to destroy him, they’re going to have to do a better job than this.


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