"All I know is if I don't pay, these people disappear."

Miguel Cabrera in Instagram video: ‘Communism in Venezuela has to come to an end’

By —— Bio and Archives--July 12, 2017

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Miguel Cabrera loves his homeland, and there is much to love about it. Venezuela is a wonderful nation filled with wonderful people.

But right now, it’s being held hostage by a dictatorial, communist regime. And while he is not the type to spout about politics, today the Detroit Tigers superstar first baseman decided he’d had enough. The video is in Spanish, but we’re going to embed it anyway along with key passages translated below:

Cabrera splits most off his time between Detroit during the season and his home in Miami in the offseason. He only gets to Venezuela a few weeks out of every year, but he has many family members who still live there, including his mother, and apparently he is forced to pay protection money to keep his mother from being kidnapped:

“I am tired of hearing that they are going to kidnap my mother, and I don’t know whether it is a policeman or a bad guy, I don’t know who they are. All I know is if I don’t pay, those people disappear.”

Cabrera also called for free elections, and while he didn’t mention Nicolas Maduro by name or necessarily side with anyone, it’s clear from this passage what he knows needs to happen:

“I am Venezuelan and I protest for the truth. Communism in Venezuela has to come to an end. I can’t speak any plainer. I am not with a dictatorship, I am not with anybody. We have to fight for our country. We have to find a solution.”

And: “Hello to the people of the resistance. You are not alone. We continue to support you.”

Miguel Cabrera is right. Communism in Venezuela has to come to an end

Cabrera apparently catches some heat for having made millions in America. There is no reason he should apologize for that. He’s in the midst of a 10-year contract with the Tigers that pays him about $29 million a year. Despite the fact that he’s having an off year this year (for him), he’s earned every penny of that money as one of the best players in baseball and probably the best hitter in Tigers history. If Al Kaline says so (and he does), that pretty much settles it.

But while Cabrera doesn’t often set foot in Venezuela these days - and it’s hard to blame him for that - he has sent considerable aid there in the form of food, medicine and other supplies. Now, he says, people are asking him to send weapons.

That requests comes as the death toll from the anti-government protests has reached 92, with more than 1,500 injured. This was all entirely avoidable, of course, but the Maduro regime choose to consolidate its power and oppress dissidents rather than reverse the socialist policies that have led to widespread deprivation and misery.

And I can’t remind you often enough: If the Democratic Party was able to impose whatever policies it preferred in America, it would impose the exact same socialist policies that have devastated Venezuela. Miguel Cabrera is right. Communism in Venezuela has to come to an end. And the notion that socialism or communisim would be in anyone’s best interests needs to come to an end throughout the world.

But especially in the United States.

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