Minneapolis class-skippers being investigated for assaulting student who displayed a Trump flag

By —— Bio and Archives--March 16, 2018

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Minneapolis class-skippers being investigated for assaulting student who displayed a Trump flag
You’d think kids in Minneapolis would be in a better mood at the moment, but when the adults are telling you it’s heroic to cut class, why stop there?

Remember the last time your school administrators pretended to have a problem with “bullying”? Ha. You can display any protest sign you want at the anti-gun, class-skipping fiasco - as long as it’s not a pro-Trump sign. Try that, and you’re going to get hurt:


Minneapolis police say no arrests have been made after a student carrying a flag with the word “Trump” on it was assaulted outside of Southwest High School.

Police say the altercation happened while students were outside of the building during National School Walkout Day Wednesday morning.

As students were observing a moment of silence, two students confronted the flag-bearing student across the street from campus.

Six other students joined in the confrontation, taking away his flag, damaging his camera and inflicting minor injuries.

No one should be surprised that this happened. By encouraging class-skipping on behalf of a liberal political agenda, the schools themselves sent a message to students that as long as they support the correct side in the argument, they are exempt from the rules.

So why stop at walking out of class? Kids never take only the inch you give them. They try to take the mile. If a kid with a Trump sign shows up, he’s a party-crasher and everyone knows he’s supporting the wrong side.

Beat him up. Take his sign. Take his camera

Beat him up. Take his sign. Take his camera. Why? Because that’s what high school students do to those not in line with the acceptable orthodoxy.

Hey! You! This is a protest against violence! We don’t like your sign so we’re going to kick the living crap out of you.

This happened because the schools, by sanctioning this nonsense, tacitly decided that one side in the debate is virtuous and righteous, and the other side is beneath contempt. Why wouldn’t petulant teenagers take that as a license to rough up dissenters? It’s what they do.

But we must let the children lead and listen to their wisdom.


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