Mirror: FBI hunting 12-strong sleeper cell linked to Boston Marathon bombing

By —— Bio and Archives--April 21, 2013

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We may have only seen the start of this. The UK’s Mirror quotes “a source close to the investigation” (so be careful, since the source is unnamed) saying the FBI does not think the Tsarnaevs acted alone:


More than 1,000 FBI operatives were last night working to track down the cell and arrested a man and two women 60 miles from Boston in the hours before Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture after a bloody shootout on Friday.

A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.

“They were too advanced. Someone gave the brothers the skills and it is now our job to find out just who they were. Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come.”

A specialist team of CIA and FBI interrogators was yesterday flown to a Boston hospital to grill wounded Dzhokhar, 19, about the secret group. The University of Massachusetts student was caught on Friday after hiding out in a boat parked in a garden in locked down Watertown the day after a gun battle with police left his 26-year-old brother and a rookie cop dead.

Just the sheer amount of firepower the two of them possessed seems unlikely if they weren’t getting any help, not to mention the fact that this was an awfully ambitious undertaking for a couple of angry lunkheads who have been in the country for awhile now and just decided they didn’t like it here. When the brothers had their infamous encounter with police that resulted in Tamerlan’s death, they were reportedly carrying six bombs with them. I suppose an individual who becomes very knowledgeable about explosives could build six bombs (and remember that wasn’t all they had), but I don’t know. Does that sound to you like what likely happened here?

I wonder how much they’re really going to get out of Dzhokhar. Whatever it is, it will be more than if they’d had to kill him.


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