Mittens third act

Mitt’s back. Has he figured out that people like money, or does he just want to be the new McCain?

By —— Bio and Archives--February 16, 2018

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Mitt's back. Has he figured out that people like money, or does he just want to be the new McCain?
The cult of Romney is enjoying its own private rapture this morning, as the thing they’ve been demanding since 2015 is finally happening.  Mitt Romney has returned to the political stage, and has announced his campaign for the Utah Senate seat held by the retiring Orrin Hatch.

Has Mitt decided to stop apologizing for being Mitt?

For those keeping track, Utah represents Mitt’s first “home state” that doesn’t start with the letter M. The others are Massachusetts, Michigan, and Maine.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been critical of Mitt in the past.  He was a disastrous pick back in 2012, having flip-flopped on virtually every imaginable issue from ObamaCare to gun control, and he lacked the kind of fight necessary to take down a charismatic President.  That said, he’s enjoyed a fair bit of vindication in terms of his foreign policy positions - thanks to Obama’s missteps and Democrats who’ve done their best to turn Russia into a catch-all boogeyman.

Has Mitt decided to stop apologizing for being Mitt?

Way back in 2012, while Romney was being pilloried as a “rich white guy” by the Democrats’ class warfare machine, I did a radio spot where I argued that Romney was losing because he was ashamed of his own financial success. People like unabashed, confident, successful people. That’s what we all struggle to be. Romney should have said something to the effect of ”Hell yeah, I’m rich, and success is a great thing.  I’m proud that I’ve managed to achieve the American dream and I want to create tax and regulatory conditions that will help everyone become rich.”

Instead, Romney moped, hemmed, hawed, downplayed his sweet car elevator, and humbled himself right out the White House.

So, Has Mitt figured out that voters like unapologetically wealthy people?  ...Or is he still buying into the class warfare game - setting himself up to become the new John McCain and a perpetual thorn in the conservative side?

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