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Morning Joe notices the DNC can’t raise any money - ‘what does that say about the Democratic Party?’

By —— Bio and Archives--August 21, 2017

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You would think, if President Trump is as despised as Democrats claim, they’d be enjoying a resurgence. The faithful should be extremely energized, and the money should be pouring in as they build up a war chest designed to support their party’s efforts in 2018 and 2020.  That’s not happening.  The DNC is running on fumes and they’re having a hard time convincing anyone to donate.

As Morning Joe pointed out today, Republicans have nearly $50 million cash on hand - a number that stands in stark contrast to the Dems $6.9 million. The GOP is also crushing their opponents in terms of fundraising.  In 2017, they’ve raised a little more than $86 million.  That’s over twice what the Dems have brought in. Trump should be the ultimate fundraising tool, but it’s simply not working.

NYT’s Yamiche Alcindor Laments How Dems Are Leaderless, Led By A Democratic Socialist or Schumer

Joe Scarborough asked his guest, New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor, “What does that say about the Democratic Party right now?”

...Her answer is completely unconvincing.

Here’s the video, (Below) , via the GOP War Room YouTube feed.

That’s a subtle version of both the race and age cards, both of which are completely wrong.  Bernie Sanders did manage to excite the Dem base - particularly young members of that base. As much as Dems might wish it were otherwise, lefties like Bernie “not looking like” the base isn’t the issue.


The real issue is that the base is too radical, too small, and incapable of sustaining a national wave. They may not admit it, but people at top levels of the party know that the far-left isn’t being embraced, so they spent 2016 trying to squash it, while simultaneously proclaiming their allegiance. Donors were badly burned by Hillary’s expensive collapse, they’re mad at the party, and they’re hesitant to donate to an organization that remains steadfast in its refusal to learn from past failures.

So, as I’ve written many times before; the Dem base is way off the rails, but the DNC still needs its support - something it will lose if the party moves to the center.  On the other hand, if the party appeases the base, they’ll lose even more of their moderate voters.  It’s a Catch-22 and, either way, they lose.

It sounds like former Democrat Rep. Harold Ford Jr. knows how much trouble they’re in. Just listen to his voice as he offers a dismal assessment of the Dems’ chances in 2018:

Joe Scarborough and Former Dem. Rep Harold Ford Highlight DNC Terrible Fundraising, Lack Of Message


Continued below...

The problem, of course, is that right now the Dems are doubling-down on the exact sort of widely-rejected positions that landed them in this mess in the first place.  Instead of offering a message of unity, they’re pursuing the same old path of division, class warfare, and racial animosity that caused them to sink to their current low level of power.

There is absolutely no sign that they have any intention of changing course, either.

The more they dig that P.C. hole, the worse their chances will get.

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