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Most people aren't buying the Democrats' shutdown nonsense this time

By —— Bio and Archives--January 22, 2018

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Most people aren't buying the Democrats' shutdown nonsense this time
President Trump and conservatives are calling it the Schumer Shutdown. Senator Chuck Schumer and the liberals are calling it the Trump Shutdown.

Most of us don’t care, and most of us are not directly affected by the shutdown.

Most of us care that our military people will not get paid until this crap is over. Most of us care that health care coverage for 9 million children will be in limbo until this crap is over. And we almost care that some federal workers will not get paid until this crap is over.


Most of us do not believe the military, poor kids and federal workers should be held hostage over 800,000 illegals that the Democrats call “dreamers”. This is to try to put lipstick on the issue. And another thing! Democrats have had nine years to propose a path to citizenship for the so-called dreamers, and they have proposed nothing. They want the president and Republicans to agree to something that does not exist as leverage against paying people.

This is stupid!

But it does not stop Democrats and liberals from continuing to hold this position, knowing that some people will support it. That’s what Democrats and liberals do. Keep saying it, keep saying it, and keep saying it and hope enough gullible people will go along with it.

Not this time!

People who think for themselves are not buying it. Just let the liberals keep screaming this stupidity and soon nobody will be listening, and it will go away. In the meantime, we will just have to be annoyed.

Someone pitching a temper tantrum will get too tired to keep screaming. When they wear themselves out, then we can move on, if we can stand the noise.

La la la, la la la! I don’t hear a thing!


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