Blue wave, or Blue Undertow?

MSNBC: Democrats have no message, no messenger, and no money

By —— Bio and Archives--February 13, 2018

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MSNBC: Democrats have no message, no messenger, and no money
In case you didn’t know, there’s supposedly a blue wave coming. No one seems to know where it’s coming from, but the media is obsessed with it. The GOP is going to be destroyed in November because everyone is so, so, so angry about Trump. 

I’ll be the first to admit that there have been quite a few high-profile GOP resignations recently and, yes, that’s usually not a good mid-term sign. But still, I’m unconvinced. Maybe it’s because the polls gave Hillary a 97% chance of winning in 2016.  Perhaps it’s because there’s not a single prominent Democrat that’s stepped forward to make a compelling case for themselves or their party. Possibly, it’s because I’ve seen how dismal Democrat fundraising has been.

Dems have no plan - whatsoever

...Or it could be that I, like the folks at MSNBC, have noticed all three and I’m aware that the Dems have no plan - whatsoever - to deal with their current situation.

Below is a clip from MSNBC that I missed when it originally ran a week ago:

Again.  That’s from MSNBC.  MSNBC.

As far as I can tell, the Dems’ 2018 plan still seems to be: you’re a racist, you’re a misogynist, you want people to die, and we hate Trump.  In other words, they’ve learned nothing from their 2016 disaster.  That’s great news if you’re hoping to see the “blue wave” turn into an undertow.


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