MSNBC brain trust is running around like a gaggle of panicked children

MSNBC hot take: ‘I don’t know the difference between Baghdad Bob and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’

By —— Bio and Archives--May 14, 2018

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The left looks at the very existence of this administration as a personal failure. SHE was never supposed to lose. Come hell or high water, Hillary Clinton was going to become President – even if dragging her across the finish line required every single left-wing media talking head had to sing in unison.

So, that’s what they did. They reported the same stories, parroted the same talking points, ignored the same shortcomings, and did everything in their power to make sure Mrs. Clinton won. …And they’re being driven mad by the realization that all their combined powers were not enough to sway the public.


The longer Trump is in office, and the more successful he is, the more unhinged their hyperbole becomes. Case in point is MSNBC, where the host and panel of “Deadline: White house” wondered: What’s the difference between Hillary and infamous Iraqi Information Minister Baghdad Bob?

Just in case you, like the folks at MSNBC, are of “sub-optimal intelligence,” here’s the correct answer:

  1. The media was far more sympathetic toward the Iraqi information Minister.
  2. Sarah Sanders has been handling a witch-hunting political party and media who regularly target her with ugly, hateful, vitriolic, and personal attacks – and she does so with grace and aplomb.
  3. Baghdad Bob was employed by a mass murderer – something which MSNBC’s fellow lunatic, Tom Steyer, has informed us that President Trump is not.
  4. Sweet Wu Tang sticker on your laptop.  Nothing quite says “I know what I’m talking about” like displaying your love of ODB.

There are plenty of other far more obvious ways to tell Sanders and Bob apart, but I’m not here to explain them all.  The fact is that the MSNBC brain trust is running around like a gaggle of panicked children.  They simply can’t handle the absolute mountain of crow they’re being forced to eat.


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