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MSNBC: ‘studies show’ you’re more likely to be abducted by a UFO than witness voter fraud

By —— Bio and Archives--March 25, 2014

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Yesterday, MSNBC host Joy Reid had lots of fun “discussing” voter fraud and voter ID laws with her guests. As it always does on the world’s worst “news” network, the panel devolved into MSNBC’s standard “grill the conservative” idiocy, focused on nonsensical race-baiting arguments. “Minorities will be disenfranchised because they’re either too stupid or too poor to get passports and photo ID.” You know, the usual left-wing line.

However, at one point, Joy Reid dropped a bombshell on the world. Aliens exist, UFO abduction is real, and there have been “studies” which show you’re more likely to be probed by little green men than to witness voter fraud at the polls: 

“I mean there have been a lot of studies on the right?  There are a lot of studies that show - literally - you’re more likely to be beamed up into a UFO or struck by lightning than find in-person voter fraud.”

Brilliant.  Here’s the video:

So, let’s test Reid’s theory.  Since MSNBC is claiming to have evidence that - “literally” - you’re more likely to be taken away in a flying saucer than to witness voter fraud, why don’t we do a little back and forth?

I’ll get the ball rolling with Melowese Richardson.  If you don’t remember the name (because MSNBC doesn’t like to report on these things) she was the Cincinnati poll worker - and staunch Democrat - who pleaded no contest to multiple counts of illegal voting. Her crimes included pretending to be her comatose sister in order to cast multiple ballots and casting at least two votes for Barack Obama in 2012.

As WCPO Cincinnati put it:

CINCINNATI - A long-time poll worker who admitted to illegal voting was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday and received a rebuke from the judge, who cited her criminal past. Melowese Richardson, 58, pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting in 2009, 2011 and 2012. One count charged her with voting for her sister, who is in a coma. Four other counts were dropped in exchange for Richardson’s plea. During a passionate sentencing speech, Hamilton County Judge Robert P. Ruehlman laid out a laundry list of past charges against Richardson - from witness harassment to theft to assault - as Richardson stood before him. “I’m Melowese Richardson. I take the law into my own hands. I do what I want,” Ruehlman said. “It’s about criminal activity. You are a criminal.”

So, it’s your turn, MSNBC.  I’ve - “literally” - provided a tangible example of left-wing voter fraud at the polls. Since you claim you’re more likely to be “taken” than to see this happen, you should have no problem showing me one of your “studies” that prove at least two people have been abducted by aliens.  ...Because I know you wouldn’t make an assertion that insane unless you had the facts to back it up.

I’ll be waiting right here.

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