No one wants to take away your guns. ...Just like Australia.

NAACP President announces his organization's support of national gun confiscation

By —— Bio and Archives--March 6, 2018

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NAACP President announces his organization's support of national gun confiscation
“We don’t want to take your guns.”

“No one’s coming for your guns.”

“We respect the 2nd Amendment.”

As I’ve said before, these have always been some of the left’s most easily identifiable lies.  They want, desperately, to take your guns.  They are coming for your firearms.  They hate the 2nd Amendment and would love nothing more than to see it abolished.


They used to hide this.  In the “good ol’ days” Democrats would use hunting with a semi-automatic firearm as a standard campaign photo-op. Biden, Kerry, Gore, and virtually ever other Democrat candidate would regularly profess their love of your 2A rights.

Conservatives have always known it was a bald-faced lie.

Now, liberals are dropping the pretense. Today, Derrick Johnson, the President and CEO of the NAACP has completely abandoned any effort to fake a measure of support for the second item in the Bill of Rights.

Just like Obama and Hillary, he’s decided its time to demand “Australia-style common sense” gun control:

Over the course of mere months, the Australian government bought and destroyed over half a million firearms, banned automatic and semiautomatic weapons, created a national firearms registry, and enforced a 28-day waiting period for gun purchases.

Look, I’m going to skip a long diatribe about how - unlike Australia - “the right to bear arms” is a “right” and “shall not be infringed.” I won’t get into the whole NRA vs the KKK thing, and I won’t spend a ton of time pointing out that law-abiding people in high-crime areas should be able to defend themselves from criminals ....people who will have guns despite this “common sense” measure.

I’m just going to point out that, once again, a left-wing organization is coming out in support of bans, confiscations, and the elimination of your rights.

Make no mistake, that’s what “Australia-style” gun control is. It’s composed of various bans and onerous licensing atop a foundation of forcible confiscation.

Australia’s gun control intervention was not achieved without encountering significant opposition. Like America, Australia holds a near fetish-like obsession for rugged individualism, which caused many to resent the government’s action and to perceive it as an insult to gun owners and a breach of power. To be fair, a 28-day waiting period on gun purchases hardly fits the image of the reckless, rough-and-tumble Outback presented by media and movies. But, as President Obama praised in 2015, the Australian people ultimately united in favor of national safety and progress.

Australia’s success story is an example for us all. America will remain a deadly nation for our children, its schools caught in the crossfire, unless we insist politicians and the NRA curb their lobbyist efforts and allow the creation of policy that acts in the best interests of public safety. The solution is simple. America needs sane and sensible gun safety laws

First of all, if we’re going to “fetishize” anything, I’d say “rugged individualism” should be at the top of the list. No one raises a child hoping they’ll just go along with the pack. The NAACP seems to think that’s a problem. I disagree. In fact, the left’s preoccupation with demonizing individualism should terrify every free-thinking person.

Second, having spoken to friends who were in Australia at the time this all went into effect, I can tell you: Many, many, many people did not comply.  In fact, they’ve told stories of a PVC-pipe shortage as citizens created “vaults” in which they could store suddenly-illegal firearms. These vaults were buried in backyards across the country as a way of beating the confiscation. Law-abiding citizens may have been rendered slightly less law-abiding, but a great many of them still have their guns.


Third, none of that matters because, here in the US, non-compliance is virtually guaranteed.  According to CNN’s probably-low numbers, a third of American households own at least one firearm.  Let’s say you ban semi-automatics.  If even a 10th of those households refused to comply - and I’d be willing to bet the number would be much higher - that would mean you’d need to issue millions of search warrants and hire hundreds of thousands of new officers to implement them. There simply isn’t the time, money, or necessary will to do it.

So, “no thanks, NAACP.”

I don’t feel like letting you eviscerate the Bill of Rights.


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