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Nancy Pelosi meets her base

By BombThrowers—— Bio and Archives--September 21, 2017

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was confronted by an angry mob of protesters at a town hall-type event on Monday. Along with Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Jared Huffman (D-Calif.), she organized the public meeting to promote the DREAM Act, the long-stalled proposed legislation grants generous benefits to illegal aliens. They were suddenly confronted with dozens of loud, well-organized protesters apparently angry that she had dared to negotiate with President Trump about the future of Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, the DREAM Act, and border security issues.


Pelosi looked annoyed and nonplussed

The well-rehearsed protesters shouted in unison, “We are not a bargaining chip!” “All of us or none of us,” and similar slogans. The only thing more discouraging than watching such collective idiocy is the fact that Democrat “leaders” and the media flatter these people by uncritically accepting this kind of disruptive theater as a legitimate form of political speech.

Pelosi looked annoyed and nonplussed. “You’ve asked some questions. You’ve asked some questions!” Pelosi shouted. “Let us speak! Let us speak!” they shouted back. She responded, “You have.”

But apparently not enough. According to the Washington Post, the chanting went on for half an hour until Pelosi and her entourage finally left.


The protesters claimed to be “undocumented,”—illegal aliens. But this is largely false

The protesters claimed to be “undocumented,” i.e. illegal aliens. But this is largely false. There may have been illegal aliens helping pack the room, but the Post reported that the protesters came from organizations with national connections. Many of the so-called protesters were likely so-called ”paid volunteers,” as Obama said.

Groups participating included local chapters of RISE Stronger, the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, and Faith in Action. RISE was started by a former Obama administration official. It claims to have 30,000 members in 21 states, and “draws from a vast network of former White House and government officials and other policy experts.” Probably not all illegal aliens, but, knowing Obama, maybe some.

The California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA) is a collection of illegal alien advocacy groups. CIYJA includes so-called “DREAM Team” organizations from Los Angeles, Napa Valley, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, and Antelope Valley. These in turn are all subsidiaries of the United We Dream Network, an organization based in Washington, D.C. Between 2013, the year of its creation, and 2015, United We Dream received $12.2 million from the Ford Foundation, NEO Philanthropy (both invest heavily in the open-borders agenda), the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations, Arcus Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy, the National Immigration Law Center, AFL-CIO, and other donors. Do union members like having their dues spent to advocate amnesty for illegal aliens who are taking their jobs?

Faith in Action, now called National Volunteer Caregiving Network, was created in 1984 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ). NVCN has a large network of local Faith in Action chapters nationwide. RWJ cut off funding in 2008 so each of the chapters is self-supporting. If the RWJ name sounds familiar it is because the foundation’s board would later include an up-and-coming Chicago politician named Barack Obama.

Not “undocumented immigrants”, but a highly organized group of professional activists

So these were not “undocumented immigrants” – they were a highly organized group of professional activists and this was a staged event. While Pelosi did appear to be blind-sided by the confrontational nature of the protests, she almost certainly knew they were coming. The Post acknowledged that it got the names of the protest organizations in attendance from Pelosi’s staff.

And of course the Post dutifully reported all of it, providing multiple videos of the various rehearsed chants at its website. This is the way politics is done these days by the Democratic Party. Pelosi and those accompanying her did not seem surprised or alarmed at their appearance and apart from Pelosi’s perfunctory pleas, did nothing to shut them down.

These obnoxious activists perform a very specific function in the Left’s game plan – in fact they are critical to it. By allowing a boisterous, threatening crowd to aggressively shout utterly unacceptable demands, the Democrats can look reasonable by comparison if they dial it back just a little. The protesters provide the Democrats cover to argue for their own set of demands, sometimes even adding new ones.

And the activists’ demands become the pretext for all kinds of legislation. For example, DREAM Team LA’s website brags of helping pass the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (TRUST) Act, which California Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown signed into law in 2013. The TRUST Act allows state and local authorities to release illegal aliens in custody, ignoring immigration detainers requested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).The activists wanted it to apply to all detainees, including violent criminals. Moonbeam at least limited the release to those who were non-violent. But who knows how that is working out in practice.


Activists’ tactics become more vocal, more extreme, more violent, and impossible to ignore

Another law signed by Governor Brown in 2016 is the Transparent Review of Unjust Transfers and Holds (TRUTH) Act. In California, ICE must now get written permission from anyone held in local custody before interviewing them. The permission form must be provided to the detainee in multiple languages letting him know that the interview is voluntary. Anytime ICE does conduct such an interview, the town council or other governing body must hold an annual community forum to discuss it and all records must be available to the public.

As self-interested politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Moonbeam Brown continue to erode the rule of law, our national sovereignty and physical safety with such actions, America becomes a greater magnet for illegals, shields those already here, and makes effective law enforcement increasingly difficult. The breakdown of society continues apace. The endpoint is complete anarchy, civil war, or some form of martial law. At best the Democrats don’t care. At worst they are angling for it.

There is one silver lining, however. As the activists’ tactics become more vocal, more extreme, more violent, and impossible to ignore, more and more people are realizing there is only one non-violent response: that is to elect more and more genuine, principled constitutional conservatives. It is late in the day. Let’s hope it’s not too late.


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