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New activities in New Zealand-- The land of the long white cloud

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Night Tour -- Waimarino Group
Lake Rotoiti Starlight Kayaking Experience
Bay of Plenty tourism operator, Waimarino Group, has developed an exciting five-hour kayaking experience in Rotorua that includes a lake kayak, a visit to a glow-worm cave, and a gourmet barbecue dinner for groups of up to 40 people.

Enjoy an evening adventure, kayaking out over one of New Zealand’s most stunning waterways, Lake Rotoiti. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, abundant birdlife, and learn the myths and legends linked to the area, before kayaking over to the stunning Manupirua Hot Pools. Here, you are provided with a sumptuous gourmet barbeque dinner. Then – as the sun goes behind the hills, you adventure out to the magical glow-worm cave to see the glow worms and learn about their life cycles and legends. On the way back, you can see how the lake is transformed by the moon and the twinkling Southern Sky stars above, giving you the perfect end to a memorable adventure.

The price is $235 NZD (approx. $212 Cdn) per person.


360° Queenstown UTV Tour

Nomad Safaris, Queenstown’s oldest off-road tour company, has introduced a new activity to its highly popular adventure menu.

The new 2.25-hour, 360° Queenstown UTV Tour showcases the region’s spectacular scenery in thrilling style. Visitors climb aboard a powerful, purpose-built UTV (utility task vehicle) and are taken by an experienced and knowledgeable driver-guide onto an exclusively accessed high-country sheep station, high above the resort town.

The vehicle enables uninterrupted, panoramic views of Queenstown and its surroundings, offering great sightseeing and photography opportunities.

The price is $150 NZD (approx. $135 Cdn) per person.

360° Queenstown UTV Tour-- Nomad Safaris

Awesome Walks

Nestled in the heart of the Waitakere Ranges, just a 40min drive from Auckland, this new tourism product offers walkers and hikers a luxury tramping (hiking) experience. Each night, your own caravan will be transported to your next stop, along with locally sourced food and your tramping (hiking) requirements.

All you need to do is experience the adventure. Each morning, you walk out with only your day pack to enjoy that day’s journey to your next planned stop. When you reach your destination, your caravan, personal belongings, delicious food and chilled drinks will be waiting there for you – set up and ready to enjoy.

With so many walking tracks in the Waitakere Ranges, Awesome Walks makes it easy for you and provides an exciting option for visitors to experience hiking in a way that makes you feel pampered.

Prices start at $195 NZD (approx. $176 Cdn) per person, per night, based on two people sharing.

Credit: Awesome Walks


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