Egypt: U.S is only looking with one eye open and talks with a quivering tongue

New ‘Cold War’ between Russia and America in the Land of Pharaohs

By —— Bio and Archives--August 17, 2013

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New 'Cold War' between Russia and America in the Land of Pharaohs

Cairo, Egypt-Despite it being a long time since the end of the Cold War between the U.S.-led Western camp and the Eastern-led Eastern one, what is happening today in Egypt is proof of what still lies in the hearts of both sides who are waiting for any chance to direct a painful hit at the other side, to win a round or cause a loss to ‘the enemy’.


The Middle East has looked more like a game of chess between America and Russia, and this was manifested after the American invasion of Iraq, an important ally of Russian and China. It was renewed with the Arab Spring and the collapse of the old pro-American regimes and the rise of new powers. Both sides are keen to gain influential allies at the expense of the other and any innocent civilians in the way. 

The new Russia under President Vladimir Putin is trying to re-establish its global presence, and sees the well touted Arab Spring as the perfect chance to do it. U.S. military bases are spread across the Arabian and Persian Gulfs, Mediterranean, Red Sea and the Pacific, while Russia, has only one orphan base in Syria on the Mediterranean. The ‘Syrian Free Army’, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, collaborates with the MI6 and CIA, and takes their instructions, weapons and funding from NATO the U.S.  At the same time,  Russia and China are trying not to lose the only Russian military base in the region, or lose influence to maintain even a minimum level of its interests.

In Egypt, the largest country in the Middle East, with the Suez Canal joining the Mediterranean and Red seas, we find that the new game of chess moved in immediately after the fall of the US-backed Muslim Brotherhood.

It is generally known here that the Obama administration is filled with a large number of Muslim Brotherhood activists who are not too happy with the overthrow of the Brotherhood in Egypt.  This is the same brotherhood that was CIA funded and trained for years in order to implement US policies and agendas in the region—a reward for helping them take power in Egypt after many years of living in the dark, being stalked, imprisoned and banned.

Unfortunately for the Egyptian masses, the U.S. administration does not know where to direct its policy,  looks disordered, ignores new facts, most especially the new Egyptian reality. Now the U.S and its ambassador, Anne Patterson, have lost stature in Egypt as a result of their blatant bias towards the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist allies. 

It seems to Egyptians that Barack Obama does not see what’s really going on. The U.S is only looking with one eye open and talks with a quivering tongue. Obama and his administration may have bet on the wrong horse,  which is exposing them to severe criticism both at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, the ravening Russian Bear is hungry and thus highly motivated. With the fall of the Brotherhood government, Russia hurriedly extended a helping hand to the new el Sisi-led Egyptian government.  Putin professed readiness to provide the same amount of aid to Egypt as compensation.  The Russian President even showed a strong desire to visit Egypt and the new government to bless the revolution and to provide assistance to the Egyptians in their crisis. This was Putin’s way to trump the blundering of Obama and his administration. Obama announced Thursday that he would cancel military exercises already planned with the Egyptian army, leaving the door open on a new opportunity for the hungry Russian bear to start military exercises with Egypt. 

An official spokesman for the Egyptian presidency announced that the presidency is considering the possibility of freezing diplomatic relations with the United States and closing their embassy in Cairo, as a punishment for its blatant interference in the inner affairs of Egypt, and its open support for terrorist groups that threaten the Egyptian national security.

If that happens, the Russian government will not find a better chance than this to impose its presence on Egypt.  Putin has already indicated Russia would trump any direction the Western camp tries to take in the UN Security Council.  Britain and France are already demanding emergency meetings to discuss the situation in Egypt.

Russia will not be alone in this.  China will rush in to support the Russians to strengthen their Egyptian position and thwart any plan to impose sanctions on the government and Egyptian people.

The biggest loser in this will be the United States and its allies and their agents inside Egypt,  who are incredibly trying to drag the country into civil war while imposing foreign intervention on Egypt.

Egyptians love American culture and lifestyle.  But Obama’s recent American policies show an insistence of the U.S. administration to ignore the right of Egyptians to determine their own destiny and choose who governs them.

People here view the American administration’s policy as complacency over the killing and terrorizing of Egyptians. This is greatly reducing the love of America in the hearts of the Egyptians.  People are now remembering that it was Russia as the former Soviet Union who gave most aid to the Egyptian military, including technological and financial resources—with no strings attached.


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Ali Alsharnoby, an Egyptian journalist and deputy editor, worked in many Egyptian newspapers.

Studied at university of Cairo, faculty of law.. and wrote a number of books about the political trends in the Islamic view.

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