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New Cruz campaign video takes you inside Hillary’s evil lair

By —— Bio and Archives--April 25, 2016

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Whoever these actors are (I’ll keep trying to find their names), they not only look like Hillary and Huma Abedin, but they portray their counterparts’ nonverbals spectacularly. That’s all you get from war room Hillary, by the way. She never says a word, which is just as well because we all know what happens when Hillary speaks - and it’s not pretty.

Trump fans won’t like the ad because the whole point is that Hillary’s people consider him easy to beat with all the oppo research they’ve got on him, most of which is not oppo research at all but stuff everyone already knows - all of which pales in comparison to the awful things we know about Hillary. But if you’re not too far gone in the having-taken-sides sweepstakes, just sit back and enjoy how masterfully this portrays not only Hillary but the sense of fear and servitude that surely characterizes the people around her:

The completely unrealistic part, of course, is at the end when they all sit there befuddled about how to stop Ted Cruz. There’s no doubt in my mind they would rather run against Trump, but you know perfectly well they’re also working on a strategy to run against Cruz - and it’s going to play heavily on the idea that he’s a right-wing extremist who wants to take away women’s control of their bodies, that no one likes him in Washington, that he’ll throw starving people out in the street, etc.

They think this will work because Democrats have had success in the past painting people like Mitt Romney - who obviously was far from a “right-wing extremist” - as that very thing. So why wouldn’t it work with Ted Cruz, who, they think, acually is one? The reason I think it might not work is twofold: 1) Cruz is much more of a true believer in conservative ideas than at least our last two nominees, so he’s not going to run scared from them when he’s challenged; and 2) Hillary is a horrible candidate that everyone knows is a self-serving liar, and is about as charming as her character in this video.

But don’t think for a second that Hillary’s people are racking their brains for a strategy to run against Cruz and coming up empty. They know exactly what they want to do. I’m not sure they’re so confident it’s going to work, but they know. They just hope they won’t have to use it.

You want to be on the receiving end of that glare for the next four years, America? I’d think about that if I were you.

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