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New York Times: Boy, that horrible tax bill that let you keep more of your money sure is gaining pop

By —— Bio and Archives--January 17, 2018

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New York Times: Boy, that horrible tax bill that let you keep more of your money sure is gaining popularity!
If you’re a writer for the “Failing New York Times,” you know in your heart of hearts that Donald Trump has never done a single good thing. On rare occasion, good things happen around him, but they are NEVER the result of his actions.  Even if he was responsible for them, these momentary positive radar blips - no matter how good they may be - would not be enough to balance out the damage he’s done to the lofty tone and civility of our political discourse.

Take, for example, the horrible, no good, awful, and completely destructive tax overhaul.  It’s “divisive,” “polarizing,” and wildly unpop - oh wait, you’re starting to like it?

Oh no!  Once again, the narrative is crumbling!

Americans are warming to the Republican tax law, and becoming more confident in the economy as a whole. They just aren’t sure that President Trump deserves much credit.

The tax overhaul that Mr. Trump signed into law just before Christmas remains relatively unpopular and highly polarizing, according to a new poll conducted for The New York Times by SurveyMonkey. But support for the law has grown significantly over the past month, and more Americans believe that they will receive a tax cut. Forty-six percent of Americans strongly or somewhat approved of the law in early January, up from 37 percent when the bill was nearing passage in December.

It had to just kill the New York Times to report this.  I mean, it’s got to be eating them alive. All that time they spent trying to convince you that the tax bill was going to kill you was, apparently, for naught.

That’s a ten-point swing in Trump’s favor in under a month. When you factor in the Times bias, it’s a safe bet that the numbers look waaaay better than they’re even willing to admit.  I mean it.  This must drive them nuts.

At the same time, it’s getting harder and harder for them to pretend that the economy isn’t roaring:


falling unemployment, accelerating economic growth and a surging stock market have made Americans increasingly positive about both their own finances and the overall economy. That could be good news for Republicans hoping to overcome Mr. Trump’s unpopularity in the midterm elections.

Michael Moran, a recently retired business executive in Georgia, said the economy in his town an hour north of Atlanta was “red hot.” The job market is so tight, he said, that he can’t even find an electrical contractor to perform repairs on his house.

“There’s help-wanted ads everywhere — you see them on all the stores,” Mr. Moran said. “In 2010, you could’ve just yelled out the door and had people lining up.”

Mr. Moran said that he had initially been concerned that the president’s shoot-from-the-hip style could be bad for financial markets and the economy. A year into his term, Mr. Moran still isn’t a fan, but he said he was “pleasantly surprised” by Mr. Trump’s stewardship of the economy. The corporate tax system was overdue for an overhaul, Mr. Moran said, and he applauded efforts to reduce regulations on businesses.

You’ll note that the Times is still desperately clinging to the “you don’t like Trump” story, and the “Trump didn’t do this” angle, but the facts are the facts.  None of this would have happened with Democrats in power, none of it did happen over the last eight years and, however hard they may try to convince people otherwise, at some point Trump is going to start getting the credit.

If Democrats think they’re going to successfully spend 2018 and 2020 running on a platform of “Obama did this” or “Don’t believe what you’re seeing,” they’re going to be in for a world of hurt.

Economically, things are getting much, much, better.  ...And even the New York Times is being forced to admit it.

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