New Zealand issues ‘new’ world map

By —— Bio and Archives--October 28, 2018

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New Zealand issues ‘new’ world map
How do you solve being missed off world maps? Take a Prime Minister, a global rock star, a Kiwi comedian and a Hollywood director, create a new map and put yourself at the centre of it.

New Zealand is back with their ongoing investigation into why the country is missed off world maps, launching a follow-up video to check in on conspiracy theorist Rhys Darby and his attempt to solve the mystery.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returns alongside Rhys who has been on the trail for six months to solve the unfathomable mystery of how a country bigger than the UK could be missing off so many maps.

This time, the duo is backed by world renowned director and fellow Kiwi, Sir Peter Jackson, who shares his theory with the world that New Zealand is closer than they think. In fact, it’s in the middle of the earth. Sir Peter’s involvement in the investigation was a natural connection as the man responsible for bringing Middle-earth to life.

Long-time friend of New Zealand, British rock star Ed Sheeran even manages a cameo…not surprising given his recent tea and scones date with PM Ardern and close connection with Sir Peter, performing the sound-track ‘I See Fire’ on one of his epic Hobbit films.

“I love New Zealand – it stole my heart, and it feels bonkers anyone could miss it off a map,” says Sheeran.

Prime Minister Ardern says, “I’ve loved seeing the global response to our campaign. With a little help from Sir Peter, my hope is that people will see New Zealand right where it deserves to be - on the top of their list of places to visit!”

The video was created by Tourism New Zealand as part of its global marketing efforts and is the follow-up to a video launched six months earlier.

New Zealand issues ‘new’ world map

The Middle-earth Map: Creator is calligrapher Daniel Reeve, designer of the maps associated with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

New Zealand is:

  • Similar in size to the United Kingdom
  • More than two-thirds the size of Japan
  • More than two-thirds the size of Germany
  • Has a lake the same size as Singapore
  • Home of the Southern Alps which are bigger than the entire European Alps
  • Has more coastline than California, Alaska and Florida all rolled up together


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