• TranzAlpine Train Celebrates 30th Anniversary
• Skyline Queenstown Celebrates 50th Anniversary

New Zealand Tour Operators Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

By —— Bio and Archives--November 17, 2017

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TranzAlpine train journey
TranzAlpine Train Celebrates 30th Anniversary

One of New Zealand’s most beloved tourism experiences, the iconic TranzAlpine train journey is celebrating 30 years of operation. Named one of the most scenic train rides in the world by international publications such as National Geographic Traveler magazine, the TranzAlpine is one of New Zealand’s three great rail journeys operated by KiwiRail.

The TranzAlpine Express took its maiden voyage on November 22, 1987. Today’s passengers can enjoy an open-air viewing carriage, a self-service buffet car, and commentary for those looking for a more educational experience.

Starting in Christchurch, the train travels across the Canterbury Plains, alongside braided rivers, and through dramatic river valleys and gorges. As the train heads for higher ground, the route passes through high country sheep stations, past beech forests, lakes and the Southern Alps. Covering 223km one way, the trip takes just under five hours, passing through 16 tunnels (the longest at 8.5km) and across four viaducts.

Skyline Queenstown Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Skyline Queenstown introduced New Zealand’s first gondola system on November 17, 1967. It rapidly became one of the country’s top tourist attractions. In the past year alone, more than 850,000 passengers have ridden the Skyline Queenstown’s Gondola. Total passenger numbers over the 50 years are almost 17 million.

kyline Queenstown

The timing of the anniversary couldn’t be more relevant as the company begins a significant $100 million redevelopment, including a state-of-the-art, 10-seat gondola and complex expansion.

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