New Zealand's Art Deco Festival Offers Up New Events

By —— Bio and Archives--January 17, 2017

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Held each February, the Tremains Art Deco Festival attracts more than 40,000 visitors who dress up in vintage clothing, pose by the glamourous antique cars that line the streets, and step into a moment in time – the Gatsby era. It’s all brought to life throughout Napier, New Zealand, one of only two preserved Art Deco towns in the world.

At the height of Art Deco’s dominance in 1931, North Island’s Napier underwent massive reconstruction after an earthquake and fire. Today, walking around Napier’s downtown is like getting into a time machine set for the 1930s.


Of the more than 100 events that celebrate the city’s unique art deco heritage – there are picnics, parties and parades, jazz concerts that inspire visitors to dance in the streets, and there is a never-ending flow of great food and wine from the famed Hawke’s Bay region.

This year’s festival is from February 15-19 and boasts several new, unique events. Below are some of them (and don’t forget – the 40,000 people attending the events are dressed in their best 30s and 40s clothing – creating the feeling that you have actually gone back in time!).

  • Speakeasy Burlesque – Showcasing a cast of international performers, Speakeasy Burlesque is a decadent late night show that features dancing, gin, jazz and plenty of that ol’ razzle dazzle. Tickets are $60 NZD (approx. $55.50 Cdn).
  • Haunting Horror Hangi – A traditional Kiwi hangi (food cooked in the ground), served by some of the “lost and found inmates,” followed by a frightful evening tour of New Zealand’s oldest prison where you will learn the horrors of past inmates, drug barons and their famous ghosts. Tickets are $65 NZD (approx. $60 Cdn).
  • Historic Homes Tour – Guests will visit some of Napier’s early homes. On this two-hour tour, you will hear the fascinating stories of their origins along with viewing some exquisite interiors. Tickets are $40 NZD (approx. $37 Cdn).

For more information on the Tremains Art Deco Festival, please visit: Art Deco Trust


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