Tekapo Springs. Tekapo Star Gazing

New Zealand's Hot New Vantage Point for Stargazing

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Beginning on March 3, 2017, at Tekapo Springs, on New Zealand’s central South Island, visitors can soak in a natural hot pool while stargazing into one of the clearest night skies in the world. This stargazing tour incorporates a 40-minute guided night sky tour with trained star guides, followed by a 40-minute soak in the hot pools.


Tekapo Star Gazing begins at 10 p.m. – or for late nighters (or those dealing with jet lag), there also is a Nighthawks Star Gazing Tour at 2 a.m. Both tours are two hours in length and cost $89 NZD (approx. $85 CAD) per person.

The small town of Tekapo, a three hours’ drive from Christchurch, is the hub of the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve – one of the world’s largest sky reserves (4,144sq km) and one of only two in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tekapo Star Gazing is an audio/visual experience, with relaxing star-inspired “astro music” playing in the background as qualified star guides point out the brightest features. Guests are also invited to get “closer to the stars and planets” by looking through two telescopes sitting on the patio outside the Tahr Bar & Café.

The café boasts stunning views over Lake Tekapo towards the magnificent Two Thumb mountain range, and guests can relax with a glass of wine as they reflect on their nighttime experience.


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