The National Emergency is real. It’s time for Republicans, Conservatives, Moderates to coalesce in support of Regime Change in California, because the once Golden State can’t seem to police itself, and is in fact in rebellion against American Freedom

No Dreamin’ Anymore: California Nightmare

By —— Bio and Archives--February 24, 2019

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No Dreamin’ Anymore: California NightmareThe State of California must be brought to heal, or if not, than to heel. California is in open rebellion against the United States and the American People. Americans living in California are being disenfranchised because foreign nationals have been allowed to vote in United States federal elections, in addition to other types of ballot box fraud. In the judiciary, the U.S. Ninth District Court that sits in San Francisco openly undermines the clear Constitutional authority of the Executive Branch of government to conduct the foreign policy of the United States of America, specifically concerning naturalization, immigration, and border security.


Now comes Democrat California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the ringleader with 15 other states, challenging President Trump’s declaring a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border. Those 16 states, with 15 of 16 having both a Democrat governor and attorney general, are going to the infamous Ninth District Court, with its “Obama Judges,” to usurp the role of the Executive branch. So let’s get this straight: these 16 states accuse President Trump of ignoring the Separation of Powers in the Constitution, when that is explicitly what they are doing by going to the Ninth District Court! It truly is amazing when Democrats discover the Constitution, which they usually deride as a document written by old, dead white males and no longer relevant or at least in need of bizarre interpretation. I know what you Never Trumpers are saying, “the money President Trump wants for the border was never authorized by Congress,” but that’s exactly why it is a national emergency. Congress has failed to act responsibly for 40 years concerning immigration because of the Open Borders movement, the strange alliance between pro-business Republicans who want cheap labor, and Democrats who want an uninterrupted stream of compliant wards to maintain the big government welfare state.

Ground Zero for all this nonsense is California. California’s rebellion, dare I say war, against the United States also includes state and local officials who have violated federal law by failing to cooperate with ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. These officials and even private citizens have also aligned themselves with the State of California by supporting “sanctuary cities,” that directly oppose U.S. immigration policy and law. Another recent broadside involves new Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has announced that he is reducing the number of California National Guard personnel on the state’s border with Mexico. This will further endanger Americans living in California as well as the entire United States.

California’s Open Border’s policy has created a state with near one-party rule – including 46 Democratic congressmen and only seven Republicans in its U.S. House delegation. Eliminate basket-case California from the picture, and the United States is a solid politically conservative country. California alone has swung the balance of power in the U.S. House to Democrats through unconstitutional means.

Many of these Democrats in Congress owe their election to voter fraud and the votes of illegal alien immigrants in contests across the United States, including in Texas, Maryland, and New York, to name just a few. California’s illegal activities bolster the FBI’s and Robert Mueller’s political operation to overturn the election of President Trump, the ongoing so-far failed coup attempt.

California is the epicenter of creating the national emergency on the border, and is the existential threat to free and fair elections in the United States. The time has come for California to desist from undermining the U.S. Constitution around immigration and naturalization. California threatens the rule of law in the United States. As part of the National Emergency, the Trump Administration also ought to announce the following measures:

  • Deployment of the U.S. military and the Army Corps of Engineers to bring order to the entire southern border with Mexico, including in California.
  • The Justice Department will forward to the U.S. House of Representatives for impeachment the names of federal judges that have attempted to usurp the authority of Congress and the Executive Branch to conduct the foreign policy of the United States of America. Federal judges that cannot uphold their oath to faithfully execute the laws of the United States and uphold the U.S. Constitution ought to be impeached.
  • State officials and individuals that interfere with ICE ought to be arrested and prosecuted under federal law.
  • The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department ought to create a plan to oversee federal elections in California and other congressional districts in which protection against illegal aliens voting have not already been enacted.

Remarkably, the menace that is California does not even include mentioning Hollywood, and the damage the entertainment industry does. The National Emergency is real. It’s time for Republicans, Conservatives, Moderates to coalesce in support of Regime Change in California, because the once Golden State can’t seem to police itself, and is in fact in rebellion against American Freedom and Liberty. California: Time to be healed or be heeled.



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Daniel Wiseman is an independent political commentator, who focuses on national and international affairs. He spent nine years as a professional journalist in Wyoming before working in fund-raising, non-profit management, and is now working in New York City. Wiseman focuses his writing on how to bring the United States back to its Constitutional moorings.  He writes exclusively for Canada Free Press.

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