Hollow accusations, Vile smears

No, idiot liberals, Kavanaugh should NOT call for an FBI investigation

By —— Bio and Archives--September 28, 2018

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Throughout yesterday’s hearing, the shameless hack Democrats on the Judiciary Committee pressured Brett Kavanaugh to demand an FBI inquiry that would dig into his own past. Over, and over, and over again they asked him: “Will you call for an FBI investigation?”

In case you need a refresher, here’s a clip of Dick Durbin badgering the nominee:


The idea that Kavanaugh should demand to be subjected to such a thing is absolutely imbecilic. It is, without question, one of the most idiotic things to emerge from the entire dog and pony show.

Kavanaugh has already been the subject of six FBI background checks.

The claims against him are completely without any corroborating evidence or witnesses.

The person named by Blasey Ford as an eyewitness has denied her account.

There were never ANY contemporary claims, charges, or even anecdotal reports.

Joe Biden explained why an FBI investigation won’t tell you anything you don’t already know.

Democrats sat on these oh-so “credible charges” for months, waiting until after it became clear that Kavanaugh would be confirmed to unleash them.

Once they were released, they delayed – and lied – about Ford’s ability to deliver her testimony.

When they finally heard from Ford, she offered literally NOTHING new of substance.

Finally, when Kavanaugh issued a statement defending himself, they had the absolute unmitigated gall to complain that he was “angry” about facing baseless charges of sexual assault, attempted rape, and gang rape.

It is, without question, exactly the political hit Kavanaugh characterized it as being. He has offered more evidence that clears his name than she’s offered to sully it.

So, no – you shameless, disgusting, agenda-driven hacks – Brett Kavanaugh should absolutely NOT ask for an FBI investigation. He should NOT subject himself to one more second of your grandstanding, your hollow accusations, or your vile smears. He should tell vermin like Durbin to go to hell, he should be confirmed immediately, and he should put your despicable lack of decency behind him.


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