Nice try, diehards.

No, liberals, there was no right-wing equivalent to Kathy Griffin beheading Trump

By —— Bio and Archives--May 31, 2017

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As you might expect, Kathy Griffin’s lovely little video on TMZ has been met with the sort of universal condemnation you’d expect, with even the most strident anti-Trump Democrats expressing in no uncertain terms that it’s way, way, way, way over the line.

Which they should. Because it is. Kathy Griffin has never been funny to begin with, but I guess being paired with Anderson Cooper on New Years Eve gives her a modicum of credibility for reasons entirely unknown to me. For the most part, Griffin’s entire schtick has always been to simply be so annoying that you can’t ignore her no matter how desperately you want to.

And it doesn’t get much more annoying than this:


Unfunny? Obviously. Beyond every conceivable boundary of decency?

Unfunny? Obviously. Beyond every conceivable boundary of decency? Needless to say. Impossible to rationalize even for the most partisan among us?

Well hold on there. For a pure partisan, there’s always something you can say. There’s always some way to turn it around on the other side, no matter how disingenuous. If you’re totally sold out to tribalism, you can never conceded that your side has gone too far and you can never concede that the other side has a point.

Scan social media today and you’ll see lots of liberal references to scattered incidents like this one:

There wasn’t any short of gallows humour while Mr Obama was in office. A quick Google search for “Obama noose,” for instance, brings up results for Wisconsin football fans bringing a mask of Mr Obama with a noose around his neck to a game. Those fans generated a considerable amount of criticism for their demonstration, which many noted was explicitly racist.

The liberal argument is that “the right didn’t condemn” the Obama noose incidents, and therefore has no moral standing to condemn what Griffin did here.

Kathy Griffin is not some random doofus. She is a celebrity, given prominent airtime on major networks, and treated as a person with credibility

Here’s the problem with that: The occasional random chucklehead making an Obama-in-a-noose image doesn’t deserve the attention you’d have to give him in order to condemn him. He’s an idiot, and not even a prominent one. There certainly were people on the right who condemned the idea of violence against Obama. We did so here. But if there was no widespread condemnation of individual incidents, it was because the doofuses behind them would have only been rewarded with fame they didn’t deserve if high-profile conservatives went to the trouble of condemning them.

Kathy Griffin is not some random doofus. She is a celebrity, given prominent airtime on major networks, and treated as a person with credibility. When she produced this video and sent it to TMZ, they immediately published it. They would not have done that had a random no-name produced a video of himself or herself beheading Donald Trump. They did it because it was a well-known person, and the well-known web site that is TMZ thought it was worthy of being published.

In order to have actual equivalency here, you’d need a conservative entertainer like Jon Voight, or Tim Allen, or Dennis Miller making a video of themselves putting a noose around Obama’s neck, then sending the video to The Drudge Report, which would publish it.

Had anything like that happened, you would have heard not only widespread bipartisan condemnation, but days of media coverage about how this proves conservatives are racist. But nothing like that ever did happen, because, thank God, we have no conservative equivalents of Kathy Griffin.

And by all means, let’s keep it that way.


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