"Biochemical plot"

Norks accuse CIA of assassinating Kim Jong Un at some point in the future

By —— Bio and Archives--May 5, 2017

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No one knows quite what to make of this.  Maybe the Norks have gotten wind of an actual, honest-to-goodness CIA plot. Perhaps someone in the North Korean government wants Kim Jong Un gone, so they’re offering the CIA helpful suggestions about how to do the deed.  It’s also possible that they finally got around to screening “The Interview” and they’re under the mistaken impression that it’s documentary.

All we really know is that Pyongyang is accusing the CIA of planning the assassination of Kim Jong Un, and they’re weirdly specific about the methods that are going to come into play.

From Yahoo news:

North Korea on Friday accused the CIA of plotting with South Korea to assassinate leader Kim Jong-Un, amid soaring tensions in the flashpoint region.

The CIA and Seoul’s Intelligence Services have “hatched a vicious plot” involving unspecified “biochemical substances” to kill the hermit state’s young leader during public ceremonial events in Pyongyang, the Ministry of State Security said.

For the CIA “assassination by use of biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance is the best method that does not require access to the target, their lethal results will appear after six or twelve months,” the Ministry said in a statement carried by state media.

It’s worth noting that (James Franco and Seth Rogen aside) there is virtually no way for any outsider to get anywhere near Kim Jong Un.  Glorious leader is, by all accounts, as paranoid as the day is long so he makes for an incredibly difficult target.

The “Ministry for State Security” is a highly trained, extremely brutal, police force that runs North Korea’s labor camps, roots out dissidents, and provides presidential protection. Imagine a cross between Hitler’s SS and the United States Secret Service. That they’re looking to lay blame for an alleged attack that hasn’t even happened yet is ...odd.

Over at HotAir, Ed Morrissey notes that North Korea’s relationship with China seems to have soured lately, and it’s possible to that the threat of a North Korean nuclear launch is simply more trouble than it’s worth. If China ices Bowl Cut Jr., the MSS will want someone other than China to blame and this announcement could be clumsily laying that groundwork.

So, that leaves everyone wondering.  Is the internal struggle (that was hinted at after the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s older brother) boiling over, or are outside forces actually closing in on the screwy little dictator?

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