When a sitting President, demonizes a section of the citizenry, he/she is setting the stage for tyranny

Obama, Master Deceiver

By —— Bio and Archives--October 10, 2013

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I have been out of the news circle for a few weeks and was relaxing today when they cut into TV with Obama’s news conference.


I also realize that FB is more about kids, dogs, family news and etc. and political stuff is pretty much ignored except by other than political junkies. But as I watched Obama, it became much clearer to me that we may not be on FB talking about dogs and kids and such in a couple of years as this country will be in such a shape we will be struggling for just the basics like food, shelter and a meager living. That’s how it is under a Marxist government.

It is easy to make comments that Obama is just an empty suit, however, it is much more important to realize he is a slick manipulator of the truth. This man tells lies with a straight face that would make Pinocchio blush!

I would also venture to guess that 75 to 80% of what this man has done, as president, has not been reported on by the national media.  His executive orders alone have changed the face of this country, not to mention all of the extreme left wing people he has appointed into the various agencies.

He is a 100% far left wing politician through and through.  If you listen carefully to what he says his words are chosen with care to insight certain ideas that are preconceived in people’s minds.  For example, he repeatedly kept talking about saving the middle class. 

Who is the middle class?

In most people’s minds we all ARE the middle class.  As a result, everything that he says that sounds positive is meant for us. 

But let’s look at it a little differently.  One of the great tools that politicians have used for years is class warfare.  Obama is a master at. 

For example, if I ask you who are the rich?  Your most likely response is, “the person that makes a few dollars more than you do.”  Or at least that you THINK makes a few dollars more than you do.  The net result is if you are a CEO or someone working for minimum wage you think everyone is richer than you are. Thus, a comment to “tax the rich”, does not apply to you.  As a result, everyone including the real rich, go along with the idea.

Obama is also a master at racial warfare

Obama is also a master at racial warfare.  Because of what I will call “white guilt”  he has been allowed to get away with more than anyone that’s ever been elected to a public office.  If you criticize one of his programs, you are racist. It’s just that simple.

Another tool Obama uses effectively is accusing people who disagree with him of doing exactly what he is doing.  In his press conference today he took great pains to explain how Republicans were the beneficiaries of millions and millions of dollars that no one knew anything about.  His intent was to infer that large corporations and so forth have bought off Republicans.  He even went as far as to say that he and Democrats do not do that.


I do believe it was Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats who took millions and millions of dollars illegally from contributors overseas.  They used a portion of the election law that allows for small contributors to not have to report who they are or where they live.  Additionally, I do believe that it is Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party that is pushing for virtually open voting where no one has to show an ID.

This has been carried to the point that here in Texas, where we are required to show a driver’s license or some other ID at voting time, Mr. Obama and his DOJ has filed suit against our state saying that what we’re doing is unconstitutional! 

Of coarse, in Chicago where Obama lived for a few years, they vote the graveyards and everything else.  So I guess requiring someone to prove that they are really who they are is a rather unique idea to him.

Another point that Mr. Obama went to great lengths to emphasize was to demonize the people in the so-called Tea Party.  He called them a radical bunch, a splinter of the Republican Party, people destined to have it their way or no way. 

Now, hold on a minute.

It is my observation that there are a lot of people who could be classified as members of the Tea Party, have never gone to a Tea Party meeting or signed up for membership in any group.  These folks are parents, small business operators, people that work for a living, people that go to church, and people that believe the standards America was established on are being trampled today.

The more he demonizes this group; those who, by choice, are living off of the government will become more and more incensed. Their demands will become louder and the lifetime politicians will answer. After all, that’s how they keep their jobs.

In fact, we have a demographic in this country that is very frightening.  There are now more people dependent upon the government for their living than are now working in the private sector.  This number includes the welfare system, as well as federal employees.  And, as most of us know, the welfare system and the number of federal employees that support it are growing at a staggering rate.

When a sitting President, demonizes a section of the citizenry, he/she is setting the stage for tyranny.

Mr. Obama is a master at creating chaos out of which he hopes to build a much bigger government, a socialized government, a government that controls every thing.

I suggest that we put God back in His place in this great land, pray hard and do everything we can to remove these people that are destroying our beautiful country.


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James R. Lightfoot, Lightfoot Strategies served in Congress six terms, starting in 1985 and retiring in 1997. As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal and General Government (TPS) of Appropriations, he had jurisdiction over 40% of Federal Law Enforcement (Customs, Secret Service, ATF, FLETC, and IRS enforcement).

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