If a segment of the nation continues to swoon over President Barack Obama, Race War will only be the beginning of our woes.

Obama to Ferguson Rioters: "Stay on Course."

By —— Bio and Archives--November 18, 2014

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Obama to Ferguson Rioters: Stay on Course

July 1, 2008, I said on Political Pistachio Radio that if Barack Obama is elected President, “The racial divide will deepen.”

Willie Lawson replied, “the racial divide will be bigger than we’ve ever seen.”

The first black President of the United States is inciting violence through racial divide.  He visited with the leaders of the Ferguson riots, and told them to “Stay on course.”

Rather than bring racial unity to the United States, the first black President in American history has brought greater racial strife.  From day one, any criticism of Barack Obama’s policies has been perceived by Democrats to be racially based.  Obama’s radical policies have been counter to the Constitution of the United States, and considered extreme by those who believe in conservative political strategies.  His agenda has come under a storm of criticism, but the scenario has been established, and it has become all too easy for the liberal left progressives to pull out the race card.  Any criticism of Barack Obama is almost guaranteed to inflame racial tension, and division.

The folks that have fallen for the propaganda of racial division have decided that the Republican Party is full of racists, and anybody that dares to be anything but fully supportive of Barack Obama must be motivated by racism.

A people can only enjoy freedom if the government is properly restrained by the chains of the United States Constitution.  Through history, the culture in the United States has grown beyond racism, despite the fact that slavery was once the law of the land in this country.  “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom,” Benjamin Franklin once said, and so a virtuous people abolished slavery, after the slaughter of over 600,000 young men in a vicious civil war that brought brother to stand against brother, and a divided nation to battle against itself in the throes of war.  The American creed that “All Men are Created Equal” was in the works of being achieved.  The racial attitude of this country, after centuries of battling towards a culture of unity, led to the Civil Rights Act in 1964, and the historic election of Barack Obama in 2008, the first black President in history.

Willie Lawson told me, prior to the election of Barack Obama in 2008, that he had lived his entire life hoping to see a black President in his lifetime.  As a young black child he had been taught that when he grew up, he could be anything he wanted to be, and with the election of Barack Obama, the message to young black children is that President of the United States is included in that long list of possible aspirations.  But, Mr. Lawson recognized the radical leftist agenda that Obama represents, and in the same interview, he said to me, “Not this guy.  Not now.”

With the election of Barack Obama, Americans hoped that the final remnants of any racial divide would crumble, and the last vestiges of racism in America would finally be slain.  Yet, Barack Obama has ushered in the opposite, presiding over a period in American history where there has been more damage to race relations, and the creation of the greatest racial divide, since before the Civil Rights movement and the heroic work of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Every move that Barack Obama makes includes the Race Card, encouraged by race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

The policies of the Obama administration are extremely to the left, finding their foundation in Marxism, and Saul Alinsky’s radical teachings.  Conservatives and the Republican Party have been fighting Obama’s style of collectivist policies during my entire lifetime, and beyond.  Yet, in today’s new racial divide under the Obama regime, to oppose the President is to call upon yourself the label of “racist.”

Both Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle Obama, have thrown around the accusations of racism should anyone dare to stand against the White House.  Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed a case regarding the New Black Panthers when the case of voter intimidation in Philadelphia was a slam dunk.  Groups like the NAACP, the leftist media, and a number of Democrat Politicians, have charged the TEA Party, conservatives, and the GOP of racism over and over, because they have dared to criticize the first black President’s policies.

And now, to further encourage a reversal in the wrong direction of racial problems in America, riots against a white cop, Darren Wilson, who a grand jury is expected to drop the case against because there is not enough evidence to prosecute the man who shot a young black man named Michael Brown in self-defense, Obama is telling the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri to “Stay on course.”

The meeting Obama had with the Ferguson leaders of local unrest was not even on the President’s schedule.  But, Obama saw the meeting as necessary.  Perhaps even an emergency.  He didn’t want the racists of Ferguson to lose focus over their crusade against an innocent white cop.

“This is not your momma’s civil rights movement,” said Ashley Yates, a leader of Millennial Activists United. “This is a movement where you have several difference voices, different people. The person in charge is really — the people. But the message from everyone is the same: Stop killing us.”

Is the conspiracy so deep that the government is just interested in killing people?  According to Ashley Yates, the answer is “yes.”  But what she is really fomenting is Race War, in the name of multi-culturalism and tolerance.  Or as Mr. Lawson called it in 2008, “An insidious plan to divide and conquer, and maintain control. . . If I can get you to pick a side. . . it’s one more division that keeps us on the plantation.”

Is the claim that radicals in the sixties screamed, that we were on the verge of Helter Skelter, upon us?

I am sure I will be called a racist for writing this, but, if a segment of the nation continues to swoon over President Barack Obama, Race War will only be the beginning of our woes.

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