Senate should put an immediate hold on nominations until Obama agrees to appoint special counsels to investigate Fast and Furious and the IRS

Obama’s Secret to Corruption: Never Appoint a Special Counsel

By —— Bio and Archives--May 19, 2013

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Do you ever wonder how Obama gets away with the most outrageous acts ever perpetrated by a sitting president with barely a nick to his reputation? Did you scratch your head when not a single Justice Department or ATF official went to jail for sending hundreds of guns over the border to Mexican drug lords with the expressed purpose of fomenting violent crime? Do you really think high ranking government officials are going to be held accountable for the now blazing IRS and Benghazi scandals?


If these and other questions like them have been bothering you for the past few years, I have a simple answer that explains how Obama and his liberal associates in government have gotten away with all the above and more: Attorney General Eric Holder will never, ever appoint a special counsel to investigate any crime even remotely connected to this administration.

It really is that simple. In fact, Holder practically admitted as much when he was questioned by Breitbart reporters as to whether he was going to appoint a special counsel to scrutinize Benghazi. His one word answer: “No”.

Holder may be corrupt, but he is no one’s fool. He knows that as soon as he appoints an independent prosecutor with subpoena power who can question witnesses under oath, and threaten them with jail time if they don’t answer truthfully, any resulting investigation could not only lead directly to himself and other high ranking officials at the DOJ, but could take down the State Department, White House and the rest of the Obama administration that seems to be overflowing with corruption.

Valerie Plame affair

During the Bush years the Valerie Plame affair was hyped up to be the next Watergate, but talk about much ado about nothing.

Within days special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald discovered the “scandal” was nothing more than an accidental slip of the tongue by a State Department official during a conversation with a journalist. Nevertheless Fitzgerald continued his investigation for months and months until he finally caught Scooter Libby in a lie, which led to his incarceration. If a relatively benign inquiry could land a high ranking Bush administration official in jail, just imagine what a full-blown special counsel led investigation into Operation Fast and Furious would yield.

Fast and Furious Scandal

Even though it boggles the mind that Fast and Furious was run out of a local office without the cooperation of high ranking officials, including those close to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Holder and the White House, who are the only ones with the requisite power to approve of such an audacious international operation, so far the blame has been pinned on low ranking prosecutors at the Phoenix DOJ office. When Congress demands more documentation that would allow them to continue the investigation Holder will not conduct, the Attorney General simply refuses and then goes on with his day.

The local officials at the Phoenix DOJ have every incentive to keep their mouths shut. Should they spill the beans on who was really giving the orders, they would not only face the everlasting scorn of powerful Democratic insiders, but potentially long jail sentences for their involvement in breaking about a thousand laws governing the purchase and international transport of high powered weapons. Far better to take a wrist slap by Holder and then go look for a nice, cozy academic position than face the music in court.

The IRS scandal

The IRS scandal is proceeding along the similar lines. The investigation of the IRS by the IRS determined that two low ranking “rogue” officials in the Cincinnati office were solely responsible for the persecution of Tea Party and other conservative linked groups. Even though there is a plethora of evidence pointing towards the involvement of IRS officials in Washington and elsewhere, because Holder won’t appoint a special counsel to get to the truth, no high ranking official will ever be held accountable. As for the low ranking bureaucrats who take the fall? As long as they keep quiet they will no doubt be quietly reassigned to different government jobs at a later date.

EPA’s use of fake email accounts, Illegal firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin

It used to be that Congress could appoint its own special counsel to investigate crimes by the federal government, but in 1999 that power was reassigned to the Department of Justice. Considering Holder has made a career of ignoring blatant abuses of power by the Obama administration, including scandals like the illegal firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin and the EPA’s use of fake email accounts to get around FOIA laws, the likelihood of the Attorney General initiating an investigation of Fast and Furious, which he is personally involved in up to his eyeballs, or the use of the IRS to intimidate political opponents is so miniscule as to not even be worthy of consideration.

The best option to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious and the IRS scandal is for Congress to take a page out of the Nixon playbook. Like Obama, President Nixon wasn’t keen on having a special prosecutor poking around his affairs. Following the linking of the Watergate burglars to White House officials, the U.S. Senate refused to confirm Nixon’s appointment of Elliot Richardson as Attorney General until he agreed to authorize a special prosecutor. Nixon eventually caved to the Senate’s demand and the rest is history.

The Senate should put an immediate hold on all further nominations by Obama until he agrees to appoint special counsels to investigate Fast and Furious and the IRS. While it is unlikely that Democrats will support this measure, Republicans have more than enough votes to filibuster any future appointments by the White House. Considering that both scandals are of such a grievous nature not only to the victims, but to the rule of law, to do anything less would be a crime.


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