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They say her tenure as EPA administrator "didn't go well," but it sounds great to us

Of course: Washington Post attacks Neil Gorsuch’s late mother

By —— Bio and Archives--February 1, 2017

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How unhinged has the lefty media become in its all-out war against all things Trump? This unhinged: If they’ve decided taking you down would be useful to them, they are even willing to attack your deceased mother in the effort.

No one is surprised the left is freaking out about the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch is an outstanding jurist who will not only restore the conservatives to their majority status on the Court on days when Justice Kennedy doesn’t get up on the wrong side of the bed, but also appears to be such a persuasive thinker that he may at times expand the conservative majority on individual rulings. And at 49, he’s likely to be around for awhile. (Oh, and this is the firsr time in my life that a Supreme Court Justice will be younger than I am . . . gulp.)

So Gorsuch must be destroyed by any means possible, and all is fair in the Media v. Trump war to the death. So if we can’t find anything substantive to say in opposition to Judge Gorsuch himself, no problem. His dead mother will do perfectly as a target.

You’ve outdone yourself, Washington Post:

Neil Gorsuch is the first member of his family chosen for a seat on the Supreme Court, but he isn’t the only Gorsuch nominated by a U.S. president to a key government post.

His mother, Anne Gorsuch, served as President Ronald Reagan’s first Environmental Protection Agency administrator and the first female leader in the agency’s history. But her short, tumultuous tenure was marked by sharp budget cuts, rifts with career EPA employees, a steep decline in cases filed against polluters and a scandal over the mismanagement of the Superfund cleanup program that ultimately led to her resignation in 1983.

Anne Gorsuch — like Reagan then and President Trump today — was a firm believer that the federal government was too big, too powerful and too eager to issue regulations that restricted businesses.

As a result, she slashed the EPA’s budget by nearly a quarter and, according to a Washington Post story at the time, boasted that she had reduced the thickness of the book of clean water regulations from six inches to a half inch. She filled various departments at EPA with subordinates recruited from the very industries the agency was supposed to be regulating.

She also made quick enemies.

And on and on it goes if you really want to read the whole thing. It’s breathtaking in its lack of self-awareness as well as its irrelevance. Whatever her virtues or faults, Anne Gorsuch isn’t being nominated to the Supreme Court. She isn’t even alive anymore, having died of cancer in 2004.

Now I realize there’s a difference between someone who was once a cabinet member and, say, a waitress or secretary who is the mother of a public figure. I remember Anne Gorsuch’s tenure as EPA administrator. I remember how much the left hated her. But rehashing all that now, as if it’s the slightest bit relevant to her son’s nomination to the Surpreme Court, is completely irrelevant. The only reason to do it is to cast Neil Gorsuch in a negative light.

Continued below...

The other thing that’s interesting about the Post’s piece, though, is that it assumes certain things Anne Gorsuch did were bad just because they don’t comport to the worldview embraced by the Post. Slashed budgets? Slashed regulations? Filed fewer complaints against businesses? The default worldview of the Post is that we need more of all these things, so they brand Anne Gorsuch as some sort of hatchet woman.

But getting the EPA off the backs of the business community and the public at large sounds like a pretty damn good idea to me. It’s exactly what Scott Pruitt is expected to do once he’s confirmed, and it’s one of the most welcome developments of the new Trump Administration. The EPA is completely out of control in its treatment of the productive sector, and it badly needs its comeuppance. Although there were absolutely problems with Anne Gorsuch’s management of the EPA, her agenda for the agency sounds fabulous. Because it was. That the Post misses that as spectacularly as it does says more about the Post than it says about the late Mrs. Gorsuch.

Then again, when a newspaper is willing to attack a man’s late mother in order to get to him, I’m not sure how much needs to be said anyway.

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