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Of Nobel Frauds, Murderers and Knaves

By —— Bio and Archives--October 20, 2007

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By winning the coveted Nobel Peace Prize last week, Al Gore has become one of truly select company. To put this accomplishment in perspective, it will be instructive to briefly review the achievements of some of the Prize’s earlier recipients.


Well known as a thief, murderer and the father of modern terrorism, Yasser Arafat was responsible for the deaths of thousands innocent men, women and children. He diverted more than half a billion dollars of international aid intended into his personal bank accounts. His wife and daughter now enjoy a multimillionaire lifestyle in European capitals while the vast majority of Palestinians live in dire poverty. Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.

Mikhail Gorbachev, a convinced Marxist-Leninist and erstwhile communist dictator bemoans to this day the disintegration of the Soviet Empire. During the Chernobyl disaster he for days refused to acknowledge the fact and take measures to evacuate the stricken populations. Hundreds died as a result of unnecessary exposure and thousands suffer from radiation-related illnesses to this day. Contrary to what many believe, Gorbachev never intended to bring democracy to his Soviet Union. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990.

Jimmy Carter was perhaps America’s worst president, bungling nearly everything he touched. He weakened his country militarily and his policies contributed to the most severe economic recession of the post-war era. To this day, the United States is paying a price for his rank incompetence: Iran’s Islamic theocrats seized the reigns of government under his watch and partly as a result of his weakness. The Iran hostage fiasco was likewise his doing. In his career as an elder statesman, he helped Bill Clinton negotiate agreements with North Korea which enabled them to obtain nuclear weapons. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Wangari Muta Maathai was once glowingly described as a ‘green militant’ by a UNESCO publication. More than worthy of that designation, this Kenyan lady thinks that planting trees, rolling back capitalism and punishing corporations will solve most of the world’s problems. She claimed the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

Mohamed El Baradei, the chief of the International Atomic Agency, has been giving Iran cover to develop its nuclear program for a number of years now. He still claims that Iran does not pose a ‘clear and present’ danger. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

Sad to say, the Nobel Peace committee has transformed its annual event into an international farce. In fact, its roster of recent laureates reads like Who is Who in the Global Encyclopedia of Freaks, Bunglers, Murderers and Knaves. And now Al Gore has been deemed a worthy addition to this company. Justifiably so, since the notion of man-made global warming—Gore’s cause celebre—is perhaps the greatest hoax in modern history.

Although it may come as a shock to many, there is no scientific evidence for Gore’s claim that man’s activity is causing Earth’s climate to change. I repeat: there is no firm scientific evidence of any kind to support such a contention. As far as it can be determined, such climatic change as is occurring today is due solely to Earth’s natural cycles. This is entirely in keeping with what we know of Earth’s history. Climate has oscillated widely throughout our planet’s existence with warm periods alternating with ice ages. There was a time when Michigan was covered with lush subtropical vegetation which was munched on by sunshine-loving dinosaurs, and there was a period when permafrost reached as low south as New York’s Central Park. All this was happening long before man built his first chimney stack or the first SUV saw the light of day.

But such facts are not going to get through to the gullible whom Al Gore has scared out of their wits. He himself, however, does not appear to be in the least concerned about the possible deleterious effects of his own giant carbon footprint. The monthly electric bill for his spacious residence is more than twenty times that of the average American household. And even though he would like see ordinary Americans switch to public transport and bicycles, he himself likes to ride in oversized SUVs and on luxurious private jets.

All Gore tries to erase his many eco-sins by a disingenuous penance of carbon offsets. Apart from the fact that carbon offsets are merely a meaningless exercise to shake down the gullible and self-guilty, Al Gore does not like it to be generally known that he gets his from a company of which he is chairman and in which he owns a stake. Thus by buying his own offsets he kills two pigeons with one shot: He burnishes his image of ‘holier than thou’ while refilling his pockets in the process. But what else could one expect from the guy who fifteen years ago tried to claim credit for inventing the Internet?

Few of the recent Nobel Peace Prize winners have ever done anything good for this world, and if truth be told, most of them are bunglers, liars or outright criminals. The members of the Nobel Prize committee should be blushing with shame, but as the list of laureates shows they have lost that ability some time ago. By giving their award to Al Gore, they have only further cemented their status as an international fraud.


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Born and raised under communism, Vasko Kohlmayer is a naturalized American citizen. His work has appeared in various newspapers, magazines and internet journals.

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